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    Just a quick one.

    What's people's thoughts on being able to delete staging areas once they're finished with?

    I'm often shooting all over the UK helping others in my alliance, but end up stuck as I usually have to wait a few hours to make a new staging area.

    Would make it easier if they could be deleted

    Ahh, Great Thank You! I Like the time-critical call idea look forward to it coming out in the next year or 2 then

    I'm not sure if they act as Critical Care, I just thought if a Critical Care trained staff member were in it surely, they'd be able to use their skills?

    That's how I have a lot of mine set up - I have both RRVs and CFRs in my set up, and they are all critical care trained. They both act as Critical Care on scene, as long as they have the appropriate training

    Yeah, I've got my RSU's separate anyway, it's just a tad of a pain. I'm trying to do all my units realistically and I'd rather avoid changing them.

    I'll just keep it as it is for now, was just thinking as all the others are broken down might be a little easier

    On the fire side, you've got the option of 'Rescue Pump' and 'Rescue Support Unit or Rescue Pump'.

    Do we need to have the Res/Pumps there twice? Would it be possible to keep the Res/Pumps separate and have the RSU/Res Pump changed to just RSU's at all?

    Just thinking that it helps set it so that you're not using a Res/Pump if there's a RSU available and you need the pumping ability of the Res/Pump else where, for example. Currently if this happens you've then got to go back into that mission, cancel the Res/Pump then scroll through and find the closest RSU and dispatch that, go to the other mission you needed the Res/Pump and then dispatch it to that.

    I hope this makes sense