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    Not sure what the original intent of the Fire Prevention Units was as I have never seen one listed in the mission requirements but could they be enabled to respond to the Smoke Detector Check mission?

    Alright, So essentially you are referring to a EMT-P (Paramedic) training, instead of ALS ambulances just being available without requiring training? Advanced Care Paramedic isn't a certification i'm familiar with in the US.

    Hey chp201, I am playing from Canada so there will be differences. Nationally we have 4 levels:

    Emergency Medical Responder - would be similar to US First Responder

    Primary Care Paramedic (BLS) - would be somewhere between the US EMT and Advanced

    Advanced Care Paramedic (ALS) - previously known as EMT-P

    Critical Care Paramedic (Flights & Community Care) - Specially trained for specialized environments.

    My suggestion would be to create an Advanced Care Paramedic qualification that would be required to staff ALS Ambulances

    As a future development can a "Advanced Care Paramedic" role be established in the training academy that is required to staff ALS ambulances or Fly Cars.