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    Can't imagine it would be too hard to copy and paste the Ems Rescue algorithm (that acts as a fly car) to create an ALS Engine (fly-car) and ALS Platform (fly-car) that has to be filled with ALS Fire Trained people . Or have an option in each EMS Engine /Ambo's option to "turn off" transport ability or to select "act as flycar".

    Just spitballing a thought I had,not sure how it could work but for realisim and to try to make some use of the Patrol Routes feature for LE vehicles.

    I know when I'm out on patrol , I tend to make a lot of traffic stops when I'm just riding around my beat. It would be nice to see about some type of self initiated traffic stops for units on patrol or in "Status 1" or unit specific traffic stop mission. I know there is a traffic stop operation "timed" mission but was just spitballing about how to make it a bit more real.

    Not sure how the concept could be worked but it would be a very realistic addition to LE patrol cars.

    It would be nice to have an option to disable the transport function of an EMS Engine or an option to have them act as a fly-car.

    In the DC area , Paramedic Engines operate as a "fly-car/Ems rescue" with BLS ambulances and if it's deemed ALS , they upgrade the BLS unit .

    Just a thought to make them more realistic and to make the EMS Engines more realistic .

    Just need a "total hazmat personnel" addition to the ARR to fix this new's too much checking and "specific staffing" on non hazmat units...just add the ability to choose how many hazmat personnel need alerted and make it a bit easier 🤠

    Now that we have minimum hazmat personnel required to run certain calls , can we please have an addition to the ARR's for Hazmat personnel to respond ? Similar to Gallons of Water Requirements for forestry missions ?