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    Hi graphics designers I'm re launching MCGD today and wanted to know if any graphic designer would be interested in been part of our lovely server we need

    Logo design

    Vehicle design

    Cad design

    Building design

    And moderators

    If u are interested please dm me for more information thank you

    Can anyone do some graphics for my team lol they have a few requests and requirements but I can't seem to find any to help them this is just some of there requests

    Could anyone please do

    Lancashire Constabulary

    North West Ambulance Service

    Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service

    Logo for buildings please

    Hi everyone I have recently took over United rescue services on mcus if ud like to join us please apply within the game thank you and want to say a big thank you to Jamie to for giving me and my team this wonderful opportunity to bring united rescue services back to life and we have kicked it off with a nice storm serge :P

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the 999 Rapid Response Alliance.

    Recruitment Status: Open

    We are here to help you grow as a player and offer you beneficial things like alliance buildings, courses and a safe community.

    We are a relaxed alliance so you are free to play the game how it suits you, there's no requirement for real life locations for buildings.

    The only thing we ask from you is to read & follow the rules to keep the community fair and safe for all users.

    Why Should You Join Us?

    - Daily large scale missions and fequent storms.

    - Active and friendly staff.

    - Free daily courses.

    - Non-restrictive on building placements.

    - Constant sharing of missions.

    - Different staff roles to meet each player's interests.

    - A goal to expand our network of hospitals and prisons.

    Our Storm & Large Scale Mission Schedule;

    - Monday (Mission)

    - Tuesday (Mission)

    - Wednesday (Mission)

    - Thursday (Mission)

    - Friday (Mission)

    - Saturday (Storm)

    - Sunday (Nothing

    Hi guys fun response gaming group is recruiting we are a quite but friendly team we are focused on members with mental health issues or disability we also accept mew players and old players to so come give us a chance u never know :P

    911 rapid response has now closed we are still taking us members on but on the UK server of mission chief the new alliance u need to apply for is 999 gaming group we have now gone world wide and on a plus note we run on a very good structure with atm all admin roles available

    Hi I'm Tristan 253 I'd like to welcome u to join me in our new alliance in the US server of mission chief

    We already have a successful alliance in the UK with a nice 20 members called 999 rapid response

    In 911 rapid response we a based in NY and we want ur help to grow our nice friendly team

    We have all admin roles up for grabs

    If this sounds great this is the alliance for u

    And we have more to offer within our 999 gaming group community

    Hi and welcome everyone I'm Tristan 253 I've a graphics server for me gaming group and we are now hiring for graphic designers in the following countries




    We currently have no members within the server so if any of u can help that'll be brilliant I hope to see u all soon

    Thanks 999 funder Tristan 253

    Here is our gaming group and graphics server links

    999 graphics

    999 gaming group

    Hi guys welcome to USRS we're we thrive to be the number one alliance in the US server

    We welcome all registered accounts with a warm friendly welcome if u need help don't be afraid to ask for help we will be happy to help for more information on how we work and on ur application please don't hesitate to contact one of our dedicated admin team

    Did u know we are the sister company of UKRS

    Units we have unit In LA and NY with expanding in the future

    Restrictions on building

    I'm happy to tell u there is no restriction if ur unsure please ask a member of the finance team who will be happy to help :love: