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    Yes and no, at least for what I was suggesting, it would add a bonus to the unit. I think it could be quite game breaking, especially in the early game if you have no Engineers or Officers, to have to wait for them to go to a school that you cannot unlock until you have made 500,000 credits. So my thought is if you did assign an officer to the engine company (or any apparatus on scene) there would be a percentage reduction in the chance of needing a battalion chief on calls that currently require a battalion chief. You could also make this unit more "efficient" and give them a call time completion boost that slightly reduces the time that they are on a call. I do not think that a unit should be penalized for not having an officer or engineer or whatever other certifications you would want to add to a system like this, they would function as the do now in the game.

    Any chance on being able to put special equipment on one truck. In most places there isn't a HazMat truck or a huge command vehicle or a specific mobile air truck. It would make the game a whole lot more realistic to be able to expand a truck's function by adding a cascade system, extrication tools, EMS equipment, HazMat equipment, or a command center into a truck. In the US we have walk-in Heavy Rescues and Rescues in many places that have a command center inside them while those big bus like things are not very common in the majority of the country. Another improvement would be instead of a required amount of certain trucks just have them require at least one of the needed trucks and then a certain amount of manpower to put it out.

    I like and agree with this suggestion. It is very similar to one that I posted in the past Thread Link. You are right, many agencies operate with different capabilities. While you are both right, some departments run with bare minimum equipment on front line apparatus for a hazmat call, there are situations where you need no more than bare minimum equipment. Not everything that deals with hazmat requires a full hazmat apparatus filled with hazmat technicians. I think adding the flexibility to allow players to model a system how they wish would be good. Instead of a call requiring a certain apparatus type they should require certain resources to complete the call.

    I wouldn't mind but anyways I would love to see the appratus be more American but some departments actually have only three people seating in the ladders I know of some departments that have engines that allow up to nine people as a crew and some only allow four but the most I seen is six.

    That is exactly what I was saying. I know there are many departments that staff 3 on a ladder truck, i know many departments that staff any number on an engine. So my point was that the limit of 3 people on a ladder truck as imposed by the game fits the German styling of the game much better than the american.

    Orry can't forum rules say you can't send links to third party websites. Anyways just look up FDNy response guidelines. Bottom line is I'm done with you trying to argue with me. I'm done talking after this post because I hate having someone arguing with me about something a real FDNY firefighter knows about his own department.

    My mistake, I thought I remember you mentioning this.

    Well as per the forum rules you are correct you cannot send links to third party websites, in the public forums, but you can send them in private messages, so would you mind sending me this response guideline you are readling. I would really like to take a look at that.

    a) Third party links are any links to other games, websites, or forums that do not have to do with, are not allowed in public chat. You can send links to other games, and other non-adult oriented websites, through pm’s as long as the person receiving the pm permits it.
    b) First party links are those links directly linking the parts of the game, i.e. to the forum, the game itself, or the wiki page
    c) Any link containing links to adult oriented sites whether it be in a pm, association chat, or public chat, is a violation and is an automatic 30 day ban

    Edit: I just saw your edit with the wikipedia picture. As everyone should already know wikipedia is not a reliable source as anyone can add and edit information to it. To add to the unreliability of wikipedia you are using an article which you state the author removed the source, so for all anyone can tell it is random bullshit. Might as well have not even used a source at that point.

    Well if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to see these guidelines you're viewing please.

    I too would be interested in reading this.

    However this is getting very off topic. The OP states that the game has a very German feel to it and he is correct. Limits of 3 people to a "platform truck" or a "rescue truck" are more of a german styling and not accurate to the united states way. The end all be all is departments in the united states have about as much flexibility in how they run their departments, they run them how the desire to run them. I agree with the OP that I would like to see some adjustments to make the apparatus more american.

    Btw FirefighterDetroit, you are a captain in Chicago, did you transfer to Detroit?

    I do remember reading somewhere that Rescues are sent out to all structure fires but they aren't for rescuing regular people they are actually there for the firefighters it's something that the FDNY started since the World Trade Center bombing back in 93. I don't the department's 6-8 squads (cannot remember exactly how many squads the FDNY has anymore but I believe they have around 6-8 of them but heres the kicker they are regular fire engines but they respond with a utility truck that carries you know supplies) respond to car accidents.

    Not sure where you read the part where they were all engines with utility trucks, FDNY operates all heavy rescue apparatus for their rescue units. It is true that a rescue goes to all structure fire calls (not sure if just working fires or all first alarms) and I cannot speak to FDNY but they may be used for search and rescue of a building for civilian rescue or RIT team, RIT meaning rapid intervention team, (sometimes called RIC) for firefighter rescue. But in reality any apparatus should be able to handle a RIT assignment.

    As it has been said above about ladders and rescues to car accidents. While yes some departments do respond them to car accidents it is by no means a requirement. I think what the OP might actually be referring to is actual extrication incidents, and in larger cities it is not uncommon to send a ladder to an extrication incident. Often times due to space limitations for equipment storage, the cribbing and thing such as airbags are kept on a ladder truck, while hydraulic tools kept on an engine. Else where can be different. My department has an engine dedicated for vehicle fires and extrication. It also serves as a secondary structure engine but since it is full of extrication equipment and lacking other equipment we cannot run it as a first out engine to structure fires.

    Also as to POV response, in Iowa firefighters can be issued a blue light permit and run lights only in their vehicles at the discretion of the chief. No sirens period. Also the light does not grant any permission to break any traffic laws, no running through red lights, no running stop signs, and no speeding. My department, a combination department does not allow blue lights at all. Nor do we allow POV response to a scene (with a few rare exceptions).

    I have previously mentioned linking stations into departments. I think it would be helpful for manpower, units, dispatching, etc. To your idea, I suppose that would work, maybe it would require setting a boundary (like a city limit) for where units could respond within it. Perhaps something like the patrol menu where we set the routes, but instead we're setting a limit for response.

    I think the boundries to make districts has also been mentioned and they said its not currently possible. All I really need for a fix is a way to "blacklist or whitelist" units from a response plan that I create that can be selected by vehicle type over a specific unit.

    You do have the "Groups" function, which acts in a similar way.

    My issue with the groups function, unless I am using it incorrectly, requires me to select the specific apparatus I want to use, but for example lets say there is a fire in Engine 8s area, but engine 8 is currently on another call, currently the small department to the south would be selected as the "closest apparatus" however I want to be able to specify give me ANY engine that is part of Des Moines Fire Department, to filter out the other department.

    Is that a bit more clear? Its possible I am misunderstanding groups as well.

    I am not sure really what to title this suggestion, nor do I think I have a perfect solution, but I have had a recent issue come up with my stations and I am not sure if there is an easy fix or not.

    I am playing in central iowa and have numerous departments that I am using, most being small rural departments. This worked well as each department was still a separate entity and using resources from another department worked well in a mutual aid aspect. I have since moved into Des Moines Fire Department and now I have a small issue. I use the response plans to set up quick response buttons in the dispatch menu. I have buttons for single engine, truck, rescue, ect response, as well as buttons for fires requiring multiple apparatus. I personally do not use groups due to it specifying specific apparatus. The issue is, if I have a structure fire in Des Moines, there are instances where just using these buttons with call apparatus from another departments station (because they are technically closer) however I would prefer to use the Des Moines apparatus to keep from draining an entire district of a smaller department.

    My suggestion is as follows:

    Create a "department" system as a way to link stations together to identify them as one agency. This way when doing the response plans instead of having the choice of a specific station, or global unit selection, it can be limited to a department (which would consist of multiple stations).

    If I was playing with just one metro department this would not be an issue, but now that I have expanded into different demographics this can cause large issues. I have not used the groups system due to it making me select specific apparatus, and that apparatus may not be in service at the time, thus to me it does not function well. However due to my metro department (as with many metro departments) running numerous small stations vs my rural departments which run single (larger) stations and cover larger areas. I cannot justify just sending the closest apparatus.

    I hope you guys understand what I am trying to portray here. I am also interested in hearing how others handle the situations.


    I think this is a great idea. I like the idea of it being upgradable with different capabilities as well. The only problem with adding different capabilities like max security is that police officers do not usually determine the security level of a prisoner, they transport and that is on the prisons side. I also like the idea of having the jail be able to be purchased by an alliance so that all alliance members can use it.

    This is already implemented into the game. Any vehicle can begin the patient care process, like an EMT.

    Additionally the count of personnel on scene has no effect on mission speed.

    Ah, i was not sure on mission speed, as far as beginning patient care, it seems that frequently my engine company will get on scene of a medical call, start patient care, but still wait for the ambulance and the ambulance will not require transport ... maybe I am wrong, I will pay closer attention to that.

    So basically ffEMTs, a Firefighter who has basic EMS training, who can fight fires but also treat injured people to the same extent a EMT can treat a person.

    Correct, and through the fire academy we could also add an ALS/Paramedic care level as well (may require this to make the game remain balanced)

    I did not really know a good way to title this thread, but what I was looking at is fire and ems.

    As it stands, you can put an ambulance at a fire station to make it count as an EMS station, but I would like to see us evolve further on this. I know this is not the case for all departments however many fire based EMS agencies utilize their medics on the ambulance on fire scenes as well. We have airpacks on our ambulance and often times the guys on the ambulance are the ones who make the initial attack. So on fire calls I would like to see the two people assigned to the ambulance count as firefighters on scene as well as medics. The same goes for on the EMS side of things, we have fly cars we can send, but what about an engine company that responds with EMS and can treat patients in the same capacity as a fly car? They could respond to calls when no ambulance is available and if no transport is needed they would also complete it.

    Exactly, I like this, it gives the player more freedom

    Not to hijack your suggestion thread, but this suggested fix also relates to my custom vehicle suggestion thread in the behind the scenes side of things. Currently when you look at the requirements of missions they state "4 fire trucks, 1 platform" ect.

    With my suggestion of customization trucks, instead of requiring 1 fire truck it would require 1000 GPM water, you would be responsible for how many trucks that requires, whether for your department that is 1 truck or 6. The other thing would be equipment, example requires extrication equipment, instead of requiring a rescue company, this could be an engine if you equipped it properly. Same for police and EMS calls, obviously with different equipment types. The last component to the call would be optional resources that provide a boost to either pay or speed as i described above.

    We'll definitely keep all this in mind. Frankly, the only reason the Active Shooter mission has so many casualties is because the moderation team was trying to push our limits to see how many patients we can get before classifying it as a major incident. Now that we know our limits a bit better, keep an eye out for more mass-casualty incidents.

    I can see both sides of this, as I agree with Gavin, rarely do I ever respond to a fire assignment without the police showing up at some point or another, but being in a growing suburb I have also had many instances where police had to leave our scene when they were still needed for traffic control because they had their own issues to deal with.

    I can't speak for the development side but it would seem if there was a way to code in required units and optional units a compromise could be met. By this I mean that a certain number of fire trucks are required to complete the call but a separate list of other vehicles could speed the completion rate of the call, give a bonus to a payout, or some other modification to give incentive to the call. Again I cannot speak for development or to how feasible this could be.