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    Are you interested in joining an alliance which promotes team work and respect.

    If so 999: Emergency Which Service Alliance is actively recruiting for both staff roles and members.

    Alliance will include major incidents inwhich alliance memebers will be able to work together to bring a positive response and conclusion to incidents.

    Mutiple in alliance roles currently open:
    Emergency Service Command Staff
    Staff support team members.
    Alliance event co-ordinators.
    Alliance development staff.

    Are you interested?
    Search for 999: Emergency Which service Alliance and apply. Or alternatively message me for further information.

    Looking to join an alliance?

    999 Emergency Which Service Alliance is a new alliance set up for people to work together and respond to all emergency calls,
    Working together to deal with major alliance missions and storms or civil unrest.

    We are actively recruiting members for spaces around the U.K.
    Also looking for people who wish to try out staff roles within the alliance.

    Thinking of joining search the alliance on the alliance list to find out if your area is free.

    Kind regards,
    999 Emergency Which Service Alliance- Founder

    Thinking about vehicles we havent got maybe a Police Dog unit and a Riot van would help with missions, police dog unit could assist on the missing persons call and the Riot Van could deal could deal with large scale disorder. Also maybe a smaller station van that could do the same job as a patrol car and respond to incidents as an extra unit in the event of patrol cars not being available.

    Also maybe some more medical calls, such as Spinal Injury, Crush Injury, Broken Bones and Bleeding calls ranging from Minir to Major, Cardiac Arrest we have a heart attack call maybe that could expand aslo to a cardiac arrest and Cardiac Arrest could also be a call of its own.

    That's been brought up before and it falls under person check.

    Yes but with this would bring suicidal persons etc things where it actually links in with what other calls the emergecny services deal with

    What about different calls such as mental health related calls for the police and ambulancd services,
    Leading to another idea of having negotiators as well along with negotiation training available from the police academy.

    i support this. I don't like getting calls five minutes away from a station it self. If I wanted a mutual aid call I'd join an alliance or make my own.

    But in real life the emergency services attend calls that could be more than 5 minutes away from the station location, this is because the stations cover an entire area not just a certain patch they will respond over a major area with in the town/ city they are located in