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    Right now in order to get the Building Complex of all 3 Services you need to have either 3 Large Stations Maxed Out or 3 Small Stations Maxed Out. Unfortunately Players cannot mix them.

    it worked I ended up deleting that FD station and built a small one then an EMS station small and maxed them out and built the complex got my Mass Casuality unit it was expensive to do that I should had just built the EMS station next to the FD station then relocate the ambo to another station and buy the MassC unit

    Did you recently add a mass-casualty expansion? You may have to add the mass casualty trailer first before it will let you add,

    If you could post a picture of the station, showing the expansion level and vehicles, as well as a picture of each vehicle screen, we could better diagnose.


    I'm trying to get a Mass Casualty unit at one of my fire stations and the other alliance i am in is RP, do I need to build an EMS station next door then max out the bays in both buildings to make a complex to get the realism?

    This is a pretty neat and smooth-looking setup. Could you possibly explain what is contained (equipment-wise) in each of this groups? Thanks

    sorry I tried looking all over for the general alarm types by the LACoFD and I can not locate it, I had it in my binder from when I went through the academy years ago and it is not there now, I had taken it out to do all my alarm buttons for this game and miss placed it, once I find it i'll scan it and see about getting your email later to send it to you if thats ok? And yes just as Chirpy posted thats the basic concept of those dispatched calls he mentioned.

    we have Los Angeles City open for anyone wishing to join So-Cal Alliance, Looking for someone who's into RP (FD stations in correct locations and staffed with correct apparatus) (PDs in correct locations) or someone who wants to building in LACity and follow the guidelines of RP, It also includes BH.

    I was wondering is there a setting to have all your runs that yourself generates is shared with the alliance? I've tried searching the forums and watching youtube videos and found nothing, I know theres a button to share a call with the alliance but that is very time consuming to do it that way


    Rules are any agency you wish to build please build the stations in the correct location for that agency also keep true to what apparatus is located at that station mainly for the Fire Departments, LE and Ambulance stations can build as you wish. Keep in mind to create your agencies close to what's built already due to the large amount of resources needed for runs/calls.

    You can substitute certain apparatus for example Foam Rig-Water Tender, Rehab-Utility or what ever you feel you want to change it as.

    When applying make sure the county you wish to be in is open for build (AVAILABE) , if you wish to still be in a county that's TAKEN speak with that County Fire Commissioner for what's AVAILABE for you to build stations in their area.

    Hospital's are provided by the Alliance through Alliance funds so please contribute for these hospitals for your area's and other area's

    1. Have fun. Be respectful. Interact with other members for a more realistic gameplay experience!

    2. Players MUST be active and based in California.

    3. Stations should be placed in real world locations. Stations should only be staffed with legitimate equipment. Staffing of said equipment can be above normal as the game does not permit "split crew" status.

    3A. Please respect City and County boundary lines on Runs unless the adjacent City or County player is not on, or request Mutual Aid.

    4. Promotions are earned. Please refrain from asking for promotions as they will be appointed by the Director. All requests for promotions will be ignored.

    5. Double Coverage should be avoided. This means that if a player already has stations in a certain county, do NOT build any buildings in the same county.

    Exception: Large Counties can be split on a case by case basis with leadership approval.

    6. Discord membership is suggested as we plan events, share strategy, and plan coverage areas on discord

    However, to request a building your contribution rate to the alliance must be set to 10% while you are a member of the alliance. Please NOTE: Alliance buildings will NOT be built outside of California at this time.

    So-Cal Alliance is looking for more active players for surrounding counties,


    LOS ANGELES CITY------------------AVAILABLE

    VENTURA COUNTY------------------TAKEN

    ORANGE COUNTY-------------------AVAILABLE


    RIVERSIDE COUNTY----------------TAKEN

    SAN DIEGO COUNTY---------------TAKEN

    IMPERIAL COUNTY------------------AVAILABLE

    KERN COUNTY------------------------AVAILABLE