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    i have done that.....working through all of them one at a time... about half way through all those units. they are still set... just weird.. I have reported it to the tech support

    Also make sure the " Disable automatic prisoner transportation" isn't checked in your dispatch centers.

    I have trained exactly 40 Hotshots within various stations but still the mission is not available :(

    It prevents me from playing because I am earning money for buying new stations to enable all possible missions, right now I have earned a lot of money but I cannot build new stations because in my Possible missions list, there are unavailable missions, I am doing 1 by 1 going from top to bottom of the list.

    My mind won't allow me to skip those missions and play others.

    Please update us on how to fix this.

    The stations with the 40 hotshots need to be assigned to the same dispatch center if you have the "Create your own coverage area. Stations belonging to this dispatch center are considered for missions in the assigned dispatch center area." checked. Now if they are assigned to different dispatch centers then make sure the box for "Create your own coverage area. Stations belonging to this dispatch center are considered for missions in the assigned dispatch center area." is not checked.

    Thanks for the reply... I do have a premium account and as I am sending/dispatching the supervisors I am setting that to "0" (keeps me from going into each one individually and changing them). Are you saying that I should NOT be setting it to "0"

    Leave it blank if you don't want a delay.

    I just tested it and seems to be working fine. Keep in mind by default there is a 10 minute delay that starts once the mission ends unless you have a premium account. Then it can be set to a time of your4 choosing or left blank. Doesn't matter when the Police Supervisor / Sheriff Unit arrives.

    I have brought this forward before and I am going to bring it forward again in hopes that the developers will see it and make some changes. This morning while running the game in the turbo mode, over the span of an hour I have more than 60 rapid wildland missions generate, followed by at least a dozen wildfire clean up, all within close proximity to each other. There is no way you can have the resources to complete these missions as they occur. A suggestion is this.. Why not have the original mission expand a reasonable amount of times to require additional resources, instead of having all those separate missions? Put a cap on the number of expansions so you are not emptied of the ability to complete them. Also a suggestion is to add the "requirement" of dozers and firefighting airplanes to the missions.. thanks for reading

    Try taking some of your extensions off line. This should lower the number of these type of missions.

    May be unrealistic, but it has been explained to us that the more stations you buy, the higher the cost in credits. For example... I have been playing long enough and purchased so many stations that my cost in credits is $1,814, 298. The concern or displeasure regarding this escalating cost has been passed on to the content folks and the developers.

    The more station you have the higher the cost per station: which doesn't translate into RL terms. You also need understand your in game income doesn't translate into RL terms either. The more stations you have the more missions to get plus bigger missions with bigger pay outs allowing you to have larger paydays.

    Look at it this way. The price increase per station increases the bigger you get increases the difficulty of the game ( which of course is strictly a gaming aspect not RL). It also gives you the ability to earn more credits easier to help with the increase game difficulty ( also to do with gaming not RL). In the end this is after all just a game that happens to mimics RL emergency situations as best as it can with in the limitation the devs have.

    Thats already in game with the fire investigator unit and fire prevention unit. The fire investigator unit does have police powers.

    AS I have said before, we lose over 100 firefighters each year to LODD and injure hundreds of thousands. I am not in favor of any call that makes firefighters getting hurt part of the game. Just my opinion..

    You complain all the time that the game isn't realistic enough. Yet you take issue with missions involving firefighters which does help to make the game more realistic. You don't seem to mind the missions that have police officers getting shot or hurt or Ambulances having accidents. Kind of hypocritical of you.

    Thats not a bug. The mission requirement is for a personal with EMS Command Vehicle training. I've trained all my Battalion Chief as EMS Command since any call requiring EMS Command will have Battalion Chiefs on scene until the mission end.

    Crew Carriers do exist in the "other vehicles" tab and they hold 12 people max.. Not hard to find at all. If you want it to show up in the Wildland Tab go to the LSSM V4 and then open the settings and then extended alarm window and then scroll to the bottom and either assign the Crew Carrier to the Wildland Unit Tab and or make your own Tab for HOTSHOTS as pictured. Then when the available units tab comes up in the mission just click on hot shots

    Not everyone uses LSSM so best not to assume that they do.