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    In my years of working at County Fairs and Concerts. I have noticed something. That things don't always go as planned. At fairs we usually have 2 engines and a medic unit. But there might be a fight the breaks out and we need more help. So my idea is that with the planned events, there would be an upgrade, just like the way the brawl mission turns into an officer down. More units will need to be sent.

    I bought 2 Command Trucks today, and when I checked my Transactions it came up as $51,000. I thought it looked off, so I did the math, and it should only be $50,000.

    Is there a way that we could adjust the weather in game. Recently in my home town we have been getting large amounts of brush fires due to the high heat, humidity, and winds. So I was thinking we could adjust the weather so the game would spawn either like PIC's if we bump up the snow. or more brush fires if we increase the temperature.

    U.S. Emergency Division

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    Im not sure about the rest of the country, but in my county, about 60%- 70% of all our fire alarms are just false alarms and are never fires. But in game it seems like 90% of all fire Alarms are actual fires.

    It would be nice if Admins could delete messages in the alliance chat. For instance if there was an inappropriate message from someone, one of the admins, could go and delete it.

    Im a firefighter in Montgomery County, MD, and we have 2 Mass Causality Units, or as we call them, MAB's, which stands for Medical Ambulance Bus. Anyway for every MAB we have a MCSU, which stands for Medical Care Support Unit. and what they do is, they set up the triage tents, and prep for the MCI's. It would be nice to implement the MCSU's into the game, for a more natural setting. And our MAB's can treat up to 6 pt's at once.