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    I've recently gotten to the point where I have a large number of missions and im still constantly expanding. At times I can have a large number of small missions requiring patient transport request. So to those with really big set ups. How do you effeciently handle transport requests? Do you just manually go through all the transport requests? Do you send Ambulance officers on most missions? Or is there a method that i've missed? Some way to handle transport requests on a large scale really easily

    Also, a request for the SARs update might be to add/replace the "Beach Lifeguard" expansion to be a dedicated independent building. I've built a few lifeboat stations in lifeguard station locations and have them set up for that alone, but ILBs and ALBs can still drop patients off at them.

    I'm going to begin expanding my coastguard station capacity and wanted to know if any other of coastguard vehicles (like the Rope resuce unit or commander) can be used to replace CRVs in missions that require a CRV unit or do I need to maintain a few of those on each station too? I can see the Flood rescue trailer can be towed by most units. So wondered if there was an overlap elsewhere too

    I've actually assigned my Coastguard Heli to a custom vehicle class because i was finding that it was being treated like a regular ambulance and being sent on missions when selecting my ambulance ARR, is it by any chance doing the same to you? Its not available because its been sent somewhere random

    Also have you switched on both the hangers and the building? That caught me out initially

    Investigating Flares seems to be particularly buggy at the moment. The requirement is 2 ILBs, but I had to dispatch a third to handle the third patient on this mission, despite all 3 being "in" one ILB, and now i've had to dispatch a coastguard heli towards to provide Crit Care despite all 3 of these ILBs having Crit Care Crew.

    Update: Actually need to cancel and re-dispatch the ILBs to get the mission to update so I could send them to a station for hand-off

    Currently, it only displays the total number of patients on a mission (Numerically) when you view the mission panel, but when you select the mission to start dispatching units, you only see a list of all the patients. It would be great if we could have the total number of patients on the mission added somewhere to the dispatch window, So you could quickly and easily see how many resources you need to dispatch, especially handy when cycling through a lot of missions.

    Being the UK version of the game, any chance we can get the British spelling of Centre on the Dispatch Centre. Only one i've noticed so far, but Im guessing there is a few instances of American spellings over British Spellings. Thanks in advance

    Been having an issue recently with the Patient hand-off and automatic stand down of EMS setting in the Dispatch Centre. I'm guessing that the game thinks the patients are being treated, even though they are awaiting an ambulance and thus the game automatically stands down the Ambulance. I've actually disabled that setting for now because of this. I did read that there was some fixes coming to that part of SARs, so that might resolve it.

    Do you actually have missions assigned to those ARR groups? They wont appear in the dispatcher until you actually have an ARR in them. I've currently got about 20 ARR groups currently and working well

    Anyone else having issues where its coming up that a patient needs to be transported, but its an ALB/ILB and the mission is still waiting for a coastguard heli to arrive.

    Yes, the limit is to avoid longer loading times. There are only 250 vehicles loaded at once and each click on the "load more" does load 1000 more vehicles.

    => The button does have good reasons.

    If you have to press the button (almost) every mission – even on small ones, you may want to overthink your system and try to spread your vehicles a little different to avoid that issue. (You of course don't have to do that and I also understand how the button can be annoying)

    Ah thank you, its a shame the limit is so low. For the most part, my set up is as realistic as I can get it, so spreading them out unfortunately isn't really an option. If it's client side and not MC side, Then definetly an option they need to add.

    I've been expanding pretty heavily recently, and started hitting the issue of having Vehicle display load limits when dispatching units. Forcing me to hit the button to override on almost every mission, which is not only 'exhausting' but also very annoying (especially when on mobile) Is there a way to increase the load limit/remove the load limit? I've had a look but couldnt find a setting anywhere. Any help would be appreciated

    Loving the update so far, but thinking that 2x ILB for investigate flare is maybe too much, or maybe allow other lifeboat units to respond like Heli or ALBs might help too, struggling with the number of ILBs for a semi-realistic set up and may need to add second ILBs to stations that actually only have 1.

    We've seen recently an option to toggle event missions on or off, but the issue i'm finding at the moment with 2 on-going events, that im only getting events for the football and very few for Christmas, making the tasks virtually impossible.

    So my suggestions would be to add toggles for each active event, So you could turn off the football but leave the Christmas ones for example

    Been noticing this a bit in the past few days. Sometimes with the "Smoke Inhalation" follow up missions, the missions will spawn with no patients. This will continue with all subsequent follow up missions from that incident. The mission can be instantly completed by deploying a unit to the mission and then cancelling it or by deploying any unit to it. Resolved one with PRV from a HART base, not sure if any unit works, but I imagine anything that refreshes the mission status will end the mission. Of course you get no reward with no patient to treat

    The only free building is a staging area. Dispatch centers are NOT a place where folks store apparatus. If you have extra apparatus that you no longer want to use, simply go to the specific unit and make it "unavailable"

    But that still takes up a vehicle slot at the station. Im talking about somewhere to store surplus equipment so that you can then buy and use another unit at the station without deleting it and wasting that money on it. I know dispatch centres won't necessarily have a depot yard like that, but the dispatch centres in this tend to operate more like a HQ building and a HQ building MAY have some storage capacity, but I do think a specific small building would be better.

    Dispatch centres or a free/very cheap building that is purely a depot, a building that units cannot be dispatched from/staffed, but could be stored in a state 6 state could be good. If you want to replace a vehicle and just want to store the original to put into a future station could be good. Even if it was limited to say, 10 vehicles, but of any type.