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    I believe an alliance can also close applications, which prevents all applications being made. So, as stated above, best to ask one of the alliances admins.

    I think your best bet is to make use of the extended ARR display, and use all 6 columns, rather than just 2 as shown on your second screenshot. This would reduce the scrolling by a factor of 3. It's not ideal, but to be honest with you, I don't see the devs changing the whole display, narrowing the vehicles, etc just for this.

    I mentioned this in the LSSM Discord, but I'll state here if anyone else is wondering.

    You could also custom class your PSU units, then select the box for "Only dispatch as custom class".

    Then you can create an ARR for all of those custom classes.

    This is what I've done so that my PSU units dont go as IRVs, but also still can be used in their own ARR.

    The funds remain in the alliance fund, however, no new contributions happen while the alliance funds disabled. When it's re-enabled, tax will start being contributed again.

    I think you've been asked this before, but I can't 100% remember. Have you double checked you dont have EMS standdown turned on in your dispatch centre settings?

    if someone changes alliances do they start all over or take everything with them?

    Everything alliance related is lost. Alliance hospitals, prisons, training rooms. When they join the new alliance, they gain access to that new alliances resources.

    Personal resources, such as money, stations, missions, vehicles, personnel, personal hospitals, all stay.

    I'll be honest with you, and no I'm not an admin.

    The way you come across in 90% of your posts has been like you think you know everything and are always right. That's personally what annoys me about your posts. I cant comment on if thats actually how you think, I dont know you, but that's certainly the impression your posts give, and that's whats annoying me atleast.

    Maybe just take a few to consider how your posts are worded, before posting. It would mean less people annoyed at you.

    There will be a comprehensive pack covering a significant portion of the UK search and rescue framework.

    Obviously things will be worded differently so we can not call things HMCG, RNLI or Lowland Rescue due to trademark issues

    That makes sense, I was mostly refering to what he mentioned he had nearly completed.

    So, to clarify - The pack you've made is HMCG, correct?

    I'm getting something going on with the new stations. I have 2 rescue stations and an air station built, all in service and everything set, but I'm not getting any missions. Ran through about 300 regular missions yesterday with no coastal rescue missions. Anyone else getting the same thing?

    You need two hangars, no mission spawns from just 1 hangar.

    Is there any consideration for being able to have specialised police stations whereby only railway related offences can be spawned? This would help with more accurate representation of BTP; a similar concept could be followed with CNC and MDP too if more specific missions are introduced down the line

    Seemingly it is only going to be for the building expansions, so this wouldn't be possible as BTP isn't an extension.


    The Requirement may be 2 Stations, But some Missions only need 1 Coastal Helicopter.

    That's his point - All the coastal missions require 2 hangars, but some only require 1 helicopter.

    If you have 1 hangar, you don't spawn any missions. Therefore, your helicopter in that first hangar is useless until you get a second hangar, and start spawning missions.

    He's saying that the missions that only need 1 helicopter, should spawn when you have 1 hangar. So that your first hangar has a use, without having to build a second.

    Thought of a few summer missions for the event (or in general), as 4/5 are currently just 1 patient missions.
    (Changed the format to be a table since there's 13 total.. Sorry if this causes an issue)

    Woodlands Bonfire10x Engine
    1x ICCU
    3x Fire Officer
    2x Water Carrier
    Pub Garden Fight5x Police Car
    1x DSU
    Person Lost In Water12x Engine
    5x Police Car
    1x ICCU

    Camping Accident2x EngineNone1-401k
    Tent Fire1x Engine None0-20500
    Theft From Campsite2x Police CarNone01-2500
    Arson3x Engine
    2x Police Car
    Arson (Moorland)10x Engine
    4x Fire Officer
    3x Water Carrier
    1x ICCU
    2x Police Car
    1x DSU
    Moorland Fire10x Engine
    4x Fire Officer
    3x Water Carrier
    1x ICCU
    Fire Caused By Bottle5x Engine
    2x Fire Officer
    Caravan Park Fire10x Engine
    4x Fire Officer
    1x ICCU
    3x Police Car
    Drunken Youths1x Police CarNone01500
    Group of Drunken Youths4x Police CarNone02-51k