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    Why are Detention Vans limited to 1 per station?

    I know y'all like to play realistic, but not everyone does. I don't understand there being a limit, let alone that limit being set at 1.

    Can some one please expand on exactly what this allows you to do and how to set it up. I went into the LMSS and Dashboard and clicked the small icon and it gives me all of my EMS Chiefs I have designated.. not sure what to do past that point and exactly what the results will be. sorry... I am still new

    It puts all your EMS Chiefs together, so it's easier for you to go through and edit them one-by-one easier than going through all of your stations and finding your EMS Chiefs.

    The inspector can automatically transport prisoners like the ambulance officer for patients

    How do we enable this? There's no settings on it like there is with the AO to control alliance/own, tax, & distance, since there's no inspector vehicle specifically.

    The M-RAV does not require the PSU expansion at police stations to be bought, the Firearms Carrier does. That's the compromise. I'm sure it will be required for future missions too of course.

    It would be good if the Devs would separate the FAQ pages for the respective versions, as most of the FAQ in English currently focuses on the US version. I'd also love to see it regularly updated in line with new releases.

    Honestly, something like a changelog would be ideal.

    "Click here to see changes"

    Links to a page on forums/website/FAQ that goes through all the changes in the update, new vehicles, requirements, purposes & tasks.

    MRAV is a firearms armoured vehicle and also cars more staff then a ARV and provides a armoured aspect which we were missing in the past similar to how MCUS has both a SWAT armoured vehicle and SWAT SUV.

    Right, but it serves 0 purpose in the game at the moment. I understand the IRL need for it, but in game you'd just send an FPC instead.

    Thank you, that's handy to speed the process up, but still un-needed steps that could be made smoother by the devs. Thank you again!

    Unless I'm missing something, the M-RAV currently has no purpose?

    None of the current missions require it, so the only benefit would be that it takes 6 AFOs to a scene, which is more than an ARV (4), but the

    Firearms Personnel Carrier takes 9 to the scene.

    My only guess is that the M-RAV will be required for future missions?


    Also, for future updates, can the Devs/Advisor Team/Whoever provide more details? Information is hard to come by without scouring forum posts, Discord talk etc. For example, the inspector auto transport wouldn't have been known had I not seen TACR mention it on page 3 here.

    That's a good point.

    So they give more credits & are faster transports.. (Not faster for the arrival cus patients need ambulances anyway)


    That's fine - Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Sucks for my lost cash already, but useful for the future :)

    So, they're actually just faster ambulances then? No other purpose?

    That's a shame with how expensive they are, since not everyone plays realistically, so the faster response time isn't much different for us. My ambulances are faster sometimes lmao.

    What exactly is the point of HEMS any more? They just seem to be used as an (expensive) faster ambulance at this point - No calls/patients seem to be requiring them at all?

    This is probably a bug it wasn't counting as anticheat before but now it is form me?

    I think it might be a bug, but wasn't sure if it was an intentional thing which is why I thought to ask before reporting as bug.

    So, I've seen here before that HRLs shouldn't count towards the anti-bot measure where it spawns missions 100km away if there's too many too close.. However, I've confirmed with multiple people that they are currently activating the anti-bot.

    Is it intended for them to do so now, or a bug?

    Can we have the Auto EMS standdown not standdown RRVs? Or atleast an option to not standdown RRVs.

    Kinda annoying when I send my RRVs to missions and they get auto cancelled, would like them to remain on scene for credits, but my ambulances to leave so I can use on other missions.

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