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    Seems interesting that the games goes down and then a bunch of missions have changed.
    Maybe its because of the changes the game went down.

    The devs confirmed that it was a mission change (removal of the Light Aircraft 4 PRV 4 SRV 2 Welfare variant) that caused players that had that mission generated to be unable to load the game!

    I dont believe this is even the bug that was fixed..

    The one fixed was about other EMS units getting cancelled while being in the mission requirements, due to Auto EMS standdown being enabled. As far as I'm aware this bug was what was fixed, not ambulance not making it to scene.

    Ambulances worked fine still for those reporting this bug, and you've repeatedly stated you dont have EMS Standdown enabled.

    Only thing is there'd need to be a check so that when sending an MCE etc to a large aircraft it doesnt send 210x CC notifs, maybe a 1 notif/mission limit?

    Yeah, it makes sense in the overall "realism" etc aspect.. But does make the unit rather expensive for little to no use. Would be interesting if we can get it incorporated somehow else :)

    To be fair, it’s very rare that HEMS would ever be the only thing on scene. It might beat the land ambulance there, but the lane crew would get there eventually.

    I’d love to say this will be changed but this has been an ongoing battle since launch of the UK game. We may have to look at this from a different angle as a team

    That's fair, it just generally makes it useless in the game haha. I personally thought it was better when patients required HEMS treatment, but that was removed.

    Odd, i can send HEMS to jobs out in the middle of nowhere and do not require an ambulance?

    Might be on some missions only then (maybe depending on patient codes?), but every time I've gone to use a HEMS the patient has asked for an ambulance too.

    Won't go down well? :D:D

    Anyway, I've said already going to leave this for a while so more important things can be focused on.

    Yeah this has been asked for a while, I cant remember if this was said to be included as a part of QOL pack or not?

    Would be nice to see ARRs changed sometime soon, maybe after the QOL pack.

    For anyone who has hems - what can you do with it and is it worth the cost?

    Absolutely not worth it unless you want to play realistic. It's fast to get on scene, but then requires an ambulance anyway.

    You get a couple hundred extra credits for patient treatment I think, unless they removed it.

    Definitely not worth the 1.3m

    I’ve heard enough about the stand down bug. The aim of the fix was to get the units that were required to complete a mission to stay on the mission whilst the player uses the auto standown to send away unneeded ambulances. The way above you have commented about what you put on the thread originally makes it sound like we went out of our way to make a change that only you requested which was not the case in the slightest, we never said it would be implemented in the exact way you specifically asked for it, and you aren’t the only person across all three games to bring it up.

    In an ideal world only ambulances would be stood down, but after (and I am not over exaggerating) spending hours trying to get this sorted over the last two years at least, this is a win and we are going to leave it at that for a while and focus on more important content. This is exactly what we mean by players never seem to be happy with anything we do.

    You've gravely misunderstood my attitude, and intentions here. This is not how I meant anything I said. I'm more than grateful for everything you do, as well as the rest of the team.

    I even tried to make this clear by stating that it's something to try again in the future but not yet... I only mentioned what I requested as it was said that RRVs weren't originally mentioned... I'm not that egotistical to think that you made a change because of me.

    I can see why people are saying that RRVs should not be recalled.
    But I think the devs have designed it with regards to how real life works.

    Forgive me if I am mistaken but once ambulance resources are no longer needed at a scene, is there any reason for a RRV to stay?

    I cant think of any reason.

    With my limited experience of ambulances being called to where I am, the Rapid Response vehicle and medic will stay on scene to aid the paramedics, unless urgently needed elsewhere. Typically had them leave when the patient is loaded into the ambulance, about to leave.

    Also on the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service website, it states similar. They will stay on scene, although they can be reassigned once ambulance is on scene.

    So the easiest way around this is to send something other than a RRV or Ambulance.

    The main issue was the game would cancel the following units.(PRV,SRV,Welfare,Ambulance Control Unit, CBRN unit, OTL and Ambulance Officer) the remaining such as RRVs, Ambulances and GPs would leave however would not be a loss as these did not contribute to the units required to complete the mission unlike the ones stated

    Not exactly "easy"! I alone have 1289 RRVs, spread out. If we look at the original issue I commented on the QOL pack thread:

    "- Fix auto EMS standdown for multiple units (RRV, GP, Community First Responders, MCU, Ambulance Officers, and Welfare)", so it was included originally.

    As I said, it's nothing urgent, and probably best to leave for a bit of time in order to keep relations somewhat positive, however, still a change that I'd definitely like to see. I'm not the only one that uses RRVs for this purpose, and I know a LOT of alliances suggest RRVs to alliance missions to many players for credits (also helps improve alliance cash via tax, as more players on a mission = more tax paid), so this isn't just a "me" issue. I've had multiple people complain about it too. RRVs are used for the extra cash for patient treatment on top of the missions.

    Whilst I agree that it would make sense, I feel that we've waited so long for it to be fixed that we should be happy it's done.

    I'm not sure if it's doable, I'm sure it is but we've wanted it fixed for a long time, to then just go and ask for it to be changed again surely won't help with relations with the DEVs?

    I agree, however, unfortunately the RRV canceling still makes the feature unusable for me and atleast a few others I play with. As whenever we have an RRV on an alliance call (almost always) we can't use auto EMS standdown for our own missions, as it'll pull the RRVs from the alliance missions too.

    Maybe something to leave for a bit then reapproach with a 'Thanks for fixing it, but could we have a small tweak?' in a few weeks/months or something?

    Is there any feedback regarding EMS standown on the UK game. I haven't had chance to test it yet

    PRV, SRV, OTL are all fine.

    Ambulances leave when there's not enough patients (eg 4 patients, 5 ambulances, one ambulance leaves), so works as intended

    The debatable one is, RRVs leave after patients are treated. Would be nice if we could get that changed, or made a toggle, so that we could keep them on scene of alliance missions for credits.

    Coastguard is part of the UK SAR framework alongside Mountain Rescue, Lowland Rescue and Cave Rescue.

    To give an update, things are looking slightly more positive. I hope to properly work something out with the devs next week. But for this weekend it’s time to chill out

    That's awesome, hopefully things continue to improve. Thanks for keeping us updated.