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    TRVs are used in plenty of FRS across the UK, in some places called L4V's, L4P's BRV's. They can deal with smaller fires that maybe wouldn't require a full size pump, or in other cases for wildfire's etc.

    They would be type 2 in game

    Its not exactly rocket science to just download the graphics.
    If you can't be bothered to do this, then you won't be able to have any for Norfolk because no one has released any public ones for the UK game.

    a) The quint and Rescue pump are possible starting units, once you are level of captain.

    B) Yes, adding a pump tanker as a starting vehicle is probably something that has been overlooked when it was introduced into the game, obviously as not all vehicles can be brought with the stations at the start, the coding to allow it to be brought at the start would be different.

    I am based North West Kent (on the Surrey Border) I have a Fire Station at Westerham (between J5 Sevenoaks and J6 Godstone on M25) which is the one that spawns Cottage fires on The M25 and a fire station at Edenbridge which spawns Car Accidents & lorry lost its load missions in the middle of fields with no road access.

    And what exactly would you like to see done about this?

    Calls spawn in unrealistic places, yes. Unless you would like to personally pay the devs to have every mission POI spawned and for then therefore to place millions upon millions of POIs across the country, you will continue to have missions spawning in unrealistic locations.

    As said many times before, this is not a simulator, it is a GAME, it will therefore not be 100% realistic, as it would be impossible of a game like this one to be completely realistic.

    All good so far, however I’ve just put them in game and there a tad large. Is there a way I can make them smaller as in an app or anything ? Or when I zoom out the enlarge quite a bit. Overall, still impressed with the graphics and services you’ve provided thanks.

    It's not particularly difficult, you just need to scale them down to make them smaller

    If we sore this feature integrated into the game where vehicles randomly roam/patrol, who would like to see the mission 'Fail To Stop' have a similar feature where the actual mission is mobile. For example when the first unit is in attendance then the mission can start to move and the other units heading towards can play catch up like IRL. I'm not sure if this is possible as i know nothing about the capabilities of the game or the dev team but interesting to hear everyone's opinion. Could even lead to missions like... Vehicle Tracker Activation.

    According to Sebastian, moving missions were not possible, well at the time anyway. Neither were random patrol areas...

    Have the two Air ambulances at Northolt and RLH and set the stations to 'inactive' this will mean you dont get any calls requiring 'HEMS'. train the helicopter personel in critical care and then the two HEMS units will be able to treat critical care too.

    If this doesnt help then you may need to research about specialist doctors based out of hospitals in response cars, although I dont know much about this myself.

    Or you could use Some HART or EPRR Units as Critical care units too

    Hopefully that should help you!

    Congrats on the update, UK server, but it sure looks like it doesn't change anything for EMS focused players at all and all those things about Hospitals and training hospital staff, etc. What a let down lol

    Not sure if you actually play the game or not... This update was worked on and advised by someone that works in an Uk ambulance service so is obviously as realistic as is possible in a game.
    Yes there is more to be added hopefully at a later stage like HART etc. but this update has added so much that wasnt in the game. Now stop moaning and grow up.
    Oh and choose a sensible username :)

    Here is one question that I don't think is on there. I have clicked the play now instead of login which gave me a very long account name. I do not know how to change my profile name and get an actual account out of that. Please help

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