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    Yes can’t wait and looking forward to the police public order.

    I do agree devs do a great job and work hard and try there best to fit the updates for individual countries which I agree with and think makes it better.

    Yes it's still police and AU didn't have a update since June Last Year so almost 8 months with out a CP soo they needed it more then we do we literally just had a 16 unit I suspect MCUS will be next as there's was October but the devs will push the update when it's ready however I would like. A update on what is even the CP based around on because we know police but that's about it

    Thank u

    Yes I know devs work very hard and AU was due one. I wasn’t saying on when it was coming or how long it is taking as I know the devs work very hard. But am looking forward too seeing it.

    Good afternoon

    Does anyone know if the uk version is the next one due to get a update and if it is still going to be police.

    I know Australia version was next and noticed there’s have been released.

    I know u can’t say when it will be.

    Think that would be a great addition to the game. Yes would be really good to see. :thumbup:

    Hi does anyone know if the next update will be for the police. I know u can’t say when or what but wounded if u could say weather fire police or ambulance. If not no worries.

    So the way it seems to be, the HEMS changes were implemented but not activated with part 3 allowing players to train critical care resources. I wasn’t told about this until the other day but at least the changes we want are coming to hems

    Just wondering if u know if it is just the critical care bit changing next week or if anything else was coming with that.