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    We would like to see different levels, from 2 to 4, eventually. It's just an idea at this stage however.

    Fingers crossed think it would be a good addition to the game.

    Also great to see adjustments made Mondays mission. Great work.

    Hi foam update is great but do u think it would be possible to bring out different ranks for fire officers and or training to be able for them to manage different size incidents. Just an idear think it would make game interesting.

    This is exactly why I stopped putting timescales on things. People hold me to it. I never said it would definitely come out before Christmas, I said it hopefully will. Things change, bugs happen and have to be fixed, just be patient, it’s still in the works

    Hi tacfan

    I wasnt having ago. I’m fully aware u said hopefully before Christmas I was only asking if anyone had heard anything or not. I know everyone works hard. It was just a genral enquiry.

    The only person who will have new information is TACRfan and the devs don’t always keep him in the loop either. If he doesn’t give an update and you don’t see a new Facebook post about it, don’t bother asking, cause there’s no other way to find out

    Thank u fingers crossed will be soon.

    Hi does any one know if they are planing to still bring out update before Christmas. It’s getting close now.

    Not moaning just wondering if anyone has heard anything.

    Can’t wait for next update hopefully will be soon been a while.

    Not moaning I know your working hard it just makes it more interesting when new stuff comes out.

    Great game

    Unfortunately due to changes on the forums they don't show as images but you can download them from Imgur, or I can reupload them if that does not work.

    Hi sorry thought I did it but wouldn’t except them.

    So if u don’t mind uploading them for me be much appreciated.

    Thank u. I did look all the way through could not see one in red. I do Like the H one but would be better in red and white. Any chance u could do that.

    This would be brilliant to bring in and also more realistic for the game.

    Sounds interesting. It does make the game more interesting when new stuff comes out.

    Think this could be something good. But wouldn’t want this to be included if meant delaying other upgrades on police and fire units as feel they are more important but if they can do this along side then win win.

    Name - Paper mill/ paper factory fire major

    Units- 20 fire pumps

    2 water units

    9 fire officers

    3 aerial

    1 Iccu

    1 prv

    1 srv

    6 police cars

    Possibly could have different sizes

    Poi paper factory