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    I do play the game and it's annoying when multiple fires come up and I have to temper with reality. Maybe keep the ALS Fire Engine, but have it serve more as a Fly Car.

    Can anyone list all the patients under A and B MPD codes that require hospitalization ? I'm thinking of making an AMR esque private ambulance in my game to relieve the BLS ambulances at the fire stations.

    In at least the US version, we should have LESS fires and more calls. The ALS Fire Engine is annoying. Everyone knows that a real Fire Truck wouldn't transport. Here's what I think.

    Engines and Platform Trucks should double as Fly Cars.

    Fewer fires

    More calls like (CPR, Unknown Medical, etc.)

    Maybe even fire alarm activations, Lift Assist, and the like. It's really hard when several major missions stack up, consuming every last resource.

    Just now doing weekend activities. I bought a vehicle in an ambulance station and it DIDN"T count. I must have also done four or five other tasks, THE SYSTEM STILL SAYS 0 TASKS FINISHED.

    PLEASE, fix this. I would like to get all the awards.

    So, this weekend I passed collect 500,000 credits, now I"m halfway up to 1,050,000 credits. How is one supposed to achive this? Play all day? I swear my eyes are hurting. This limited time to complete is just not fair. I tried using all my breaks at work yesterday and todays. This is pathetic!

    This is ridiculous! I spent the whole day trying to get 500,000 credits and I am NOWHERE NEAR. Any chance someone can send me 100,000? One shouldn't have to play day and night to complete weekend tasks.

    I have some Fly Cars and ALS units at my stations. To which missions is it enough to just send the Fly Car?

    Also, regarding ALS Medic Training, I never saw the ALS Fire Engine in the fire station vehicles. Can I still send the engine with trained crew members?

    I'm playing in my hometown in Sarajevo, and from what I have learned, there are seperate dispatch centers for police, fire, and EMS. Is it then possible to create a dispatch center for each agency, and how would one handle Ambulance Dispatching in the combined stations?

    That's great! Is it possible to train sheriffs at the academy and assign them to regular patrol cars, and is it also possible to buy Sheriff units and staff regular patrol officers?

    Does this then mean that you can send them to police-related calls such as peace disturbance, fraud, etc?