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    I have no issue with swift water rescue. The issue is flat water and routine water rescue mission, ie drownings. Which I get are POI driven and can be put anywhere, but like in my buildouts are usually in large navigable waterways… where in real life you’re using the boats that are available, and not launching a swift water team.

    Its just been a bit confusing as the water rescue dock was originally implemented to replicate a coast guard like agency.

    Personally, I’d like to see the water rescue dock phased out our have the same boats available as a coastal dock.

    I may be off base, but I believe the medium boat can cover light boat requirements on calls? If that’s correct it should be available in both.

    I get that water rescue works very different elsewhere in the world, but it’s very frustrating to have fireboats, and dedicated water rescue boats that cannot handle or even be required on around 90% of calls that spawn in the water. I have to tie up my rescues constantly on calls that are within very close range and real life capability of my rescue and fire boat docks.


    I think a shorter time at an appropriate facility would make the most sense to me, but either option could be agreeable.

    I don’t mind balancing patient loads between my hospitals, as I chose to deliberately make “accurate” hospitals for my areas of play. It becomes hard though when I try to be a team player and share my facilities only to have someone cap out a trauma center… then I have to be a jerk and either hide hospitals or up my fee to make it less painful on myself.

    I would love to see a rescue/aerial combo in game, as many large depts do the “city service” ladder model where they carry basic rescue tools and handle most basic accidents including extrication tools. Heavy rescues are only for the “big” incidents and specialized rescues. I don’t think they would consider a triple combo truck though.

    Since the new stations kind of fill the same hole, can we maybe combine some of the features?

    Primarily can we get the small rescue boat for the dock, which if I understand correctly covers the light boat requirement? It would make life a lot better and more realistic at least in my personal setups as I currently have a lot of large rescue boats that can’t respond for anything other than manpower on most water rescue calls.

    Or a much bigger task, but maybe phase out the rescue dock, and just make an expansion option for the fire boat dock to get the rescue boats.

    It would be also nice to see the fire boats or a version of them count towards water rescues as they are very rarely single purpose.

    As the title says I have 1 forestry expansion in my DC build and I get a large wildfire or something that requires more than one expansion about every week.

    My other buildout in Phoenix has several expansions, but I have checked and all stations are appropriately assigned to different dispatch centers.

    I think a road accident for them is closer to a property damage accident in the US. The others I have no answer for. I would guess bugs maybe?

    There’s quite a bit that gets kind of lost in translation, much less so than when it first started. But that’s why mission did or do require things that are rarer in the US like multiple command posts or mobile airs, because they’re more common in their responses and their equipment lists. Just like how with the exception of rescue-engine (HLF) there are very few combo pieces over there, which is why it took a lot to start getting them when the game first started.

    Caravan is an RV

    Storage cupboard I think of as like a fuel storage locker I used to have at a warehouse I worked at.

    In terms of units, some make sense if you look at the German origins of the game and what their typical responses look like.

    I also think of the manhole fire as more of an underground electric vault fire… which are a pain.

    As one who started this game way before small stations came into play… I’d be a bit upset if small stations didn’t do a cost increase like large stations.

    I opted to never go to small stations as it would have forced me to make major shifts in how my system was set up, and the prospect of resetting over 200 stations at the time was ludicrous to me.

    If they do it for small stations then it would need to be done for large stations.

    Sorry, pretty late to this thread but just to put in my 2 cents.

    Personally I already play fleet services as units in my large departments. I count them as mobile airs, since few even large departments, have more than 2-4. So I use that category of unit for any kind of scene support truck the department owns (like canteens, rehabs, ventilation trucks, mechanics, etc)

    I also house my “reserve fleet” at that station which I send for mutual aid for large events or long distances.

    The mechanical problems etc. could be cool, but I can definitely see it causing problems.

    Coming from one of the last lands of the nurse tanker, or tractor trailer tankers. I wouldn't count them as a separate trailer. They don't separate off the trailer from the tractor ever, so it would be pointless to make it a 2 piece unit. Same thing with probably 99% or semi based units. It's too much hassle to detach a semi trailer.

    Also for those not familiar with their operation. Tractor trailer tankers function as your hydrant at the fire scene. They usually carry around 5-6,000 gallons for the initial attack. Other tankers then fill into the tractor trailer tanker. It's an alternative system to dump tanks.

    I'll echo Faolan. It's hard to play a lot of locations realistically in the US. Without the current combo units, and ones we don't have. For example, a ton of major US cities run "city service" ladders which carry standard rescue tools for MVCs, etc... I return they may only have 1 maybe 2 heavy rescues for 30 plus stations.