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    Just an update on this while I wait for support to answer it is happening at all 4 of my hospitals now and my alliance noticed it with our alliance owned hospital so if anyone else is having this problem please message support so they work at fixing it

    It was not full at all and isn't currently shared I was only on last night for 15 minutes and sent it 5 patients and it has yet to fully reset which has me confused

    I have had the same 5 patients in my hospital since midnight last night it is currently 530 in the evening. I have a hospital with 17 beds and I have not been able to use 5 of them since midnight. This bug is happening with all my hospitals but the one I noticed it first on and timed it with is my largest

    You could set all your patrol cars as SWAT SUVs and change the max personnel to 2, but I don’t know if they would perform patrol functions.

    I thought about that too, but like you said it possibly wouldn't work for patrol functions. That's why I wondered about the training counting at the personnel level not the vehicle level.

    I got the call Hostage Taken that requires 12 SWAT personnel, I sent 12 SWAT personnel to the call 6 via the SWAT Armored vehicle and 6 via 3 patrol cars. When they got on scene the 6 personnel in the patrol cars did not count towards the 12 SWAT needed. I live in a rural area where all our officers are SWAT trained but we do not (realistically) have a SWAT vehicle. I wondered if it was possible to count the SWAT training at the personnel level and not the vehicle level?

    What comes in the water rescue expansion for fire stations? I am looking at adding it to stations that have swift water rescue boats but I want to know if that is what comes in the expansion first.

    Anyone else's game randomly crashing? I go to dispatch units and the game crashes and tells me something went wrong (in German). I can only play for maybe 3-5 minutes and it crashes right now.

    I know I am a US player reading this on the UK forum, but I have a question to go with this. If it was brought into the game would it be just a station extension or would there also be stand alone stations for it? I ask as in the US search and rescue dogs are independent agencies that respond to assist on Search and Rescue style calls.

    I am confused on the personnel used by the truck. I have the crew cab semi that is required to pull the large mass casualty trailer, what confuses me is I have 3 paramedics in the semi. Yet when it arrives on scene of an incident only the personnel of ambulances on scene is counted not the paramedics from the semi truck. I guess I am just confused on why I am sending 3 paramedics in the crew cab for them to not even be counted towards the paramedic on scene count.