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    just an update at 16 hours into the "Event" I have not spawned a single Thanksgiving Mission and I have been on and played all day with mission speed at 1 per minute which is well over 900 incidents.

    4 hours later with missions spawning every minute, that would be at least another 240 missions and not one Thanksgiving Mission as of 2:11 PM but well over 50 "Fall Missions" still spawning.

    Just leave the minimum at 3 and set a maximum so if your setup runs more than 3, you can do that in those specific area. However, unless adding more is going to speed up a mission, no real need to change it..

    Similar to the fact that you can not transfer "lead planes" on the fire side from one hanger to the other, but you can transfer trained fire personnel from a station to aviation and from aviation to stations.

    never mind.....I see why now. When I posted the "new mission monday" description had not posted.. It should really be renamed. Name just does not make sense


    Do fire stations actually take out finance to buy trucks and buildings or is the city or district?.

    Depends on where you are. We do it both ways.. We have budgeted for replacement apparatus and station additions in the Capital Improvement Plan. We have also requested and purchased apparatus by having the City do a loan from a local vendor, or such. City usually floats all the paperwork...

    Thank you... it was just a passing thought. Appreciate the positive feedback.

    We have train stations regional and long distance, and we have railroad crossing and rail crossing (aren't they the same?)

    • How about adding Rail Yard and getting rid of one of the


    • Add Military Base
    • Add Military Base with Airport (we have multiple of this type in Fla)
    • Add Navy Base

    I disagree. I think that you should have mandatory helicopter transports in the game on serious trauma calls.

    It is not realistic and some jurisdictions do not use mandatory transport by air... If you want helicopter transports, buy the stations, buy the birds and set them up in your response protocols...

    Tampa bay is also a metro area. Lots of places out west, more rural areas, and even some suburban areas would grab a heli if there was a major car crash, fire, other accident with massive injury and transport like that. I have been involved in several incidents where the only reason a patient made it from car crashes was because we had a heli to transport them. Cuts transport time down by a lot especially for an extended extrication. However, you are right in the fact that there isnt any requirement for it, but i think the point the OP is making is that the "IC" in the game should be able to request it (by updating the mission to have it as a requirement).

    That is why I say you the game should not use mandatory requirements for Helicopter Transports. It is not common or consistent across the nation. if you want helicopter set ups in your area then buy them and dispatch them on calls where they apply just like I do. Only thing i agree on is that the number of crew should change... Pilot, Flight Medic, Flight Nurse

    i did over 1200 missions had 1 light plane crash and that was it!!

    likewise but probably closer to 1600 missions during the event period. total of 7 "airport missions" A boat load of plane crashes but none were airport missions and well over 100 "fall missions" Guess it is a mute point now since the event is over and any admin or moderator can close this thread if they like. Take care all...and be safe

    The mission is closed now... required 30 hot shots, which I sent along with 2 smoke jumper planes (20 each) and they were not required... after all that arrived, it asked for 20 more smoke jumpers and it was NOT an expanding mission

    Smoke jumpers most likely have to be in a smoke jumping plane for them to count.

    I sent smoke jumping planes... 2 of them.... so that meant I had 76 smoke jumpers there.... 36 with hot shots and 20 in each plane plane and it still made me send 20 more Requirement was for 20 smokejumpers