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    Someone will jump in for sure here, but there has always been this problem with those units... Something about them not being able to transport and even though they have the patients, you have to send transports units... Probably not explaining it correctly, but that is it in a nutshell


    1. I am having a problem where randomly, my EMS Chiefs will lose the "graphic" I have assigned and will also default back to the setting where they do not auto transport. I am finding them sporadically when I notice EMS units don't transport automatically.
    2. The problem with units being "dropped" from the calls despite being dispatched and needed is continuing. This is occurring with not only ambulances, but various other vehicles as well. I have the feature to auto release EMS turned off
    3. I will send two (2) fully staffed SWAT units with 6 trained personnel on missions that require 12 SWAT and then I get message saying "1 SWAT need". Also happens with hot shots. Mission will require "12" and I will send a unit that has "12" and will randomly get message that "1 hot shot needed" I have confirmed the staffing levels on these units are accurate and they personnel are trained to the required level

    The fact of HEMS Being optional is due to many factors. In most field trauma triage (FTT) protocols, there are other factors that may trigger a requirement for a HEMS unit (such as ground ambulance distance to hospital, flight conditions and LZ availability).

    I am also aware of Air Ambulance taking persons from remote areas where a hospital is so far that ground ambulance transport would be detrimental.

    The fact that it is optional, allows players to utilise their HEMS units as they feel fit and can choose the level of realisim that they want to play.

    Agreed, for sure, but the number of personnel on the aircraft should be modified... Pilot, Flight Medic and Flight Nurse

    Why do you always think that something is useless purely because it costs more?

    It is cost analysis. The cost to purchase them and have them spread out among your set up (an entire state perhaps) so that they can be deploy and actually useful on mission does not meet the demand for their use.

    The missions do not even last long enough for a field kitchen to be deployed and set up. By the time is gets there the incident is done

    Unnecessary but can help some people who want to add food/rehab units to their fleets. Maybe it will decrease mission completion time like the dozer does.

    I know this was a little while ago, but has anymore thought gone into this? Because NPWS is something I would really like to see and I think has great potential.

    That would be great you could have really remote calls that PWS Responds to and also animal in parks calls?

    you can do that now by building the appropriate building and naming it as such and then setting the area for missions to be generated in

    It allows you to have a trauma specialty.... to me...that includes the equipment when you do the extension. If not...would kind of be like having an emergency room and then making you buy beds for it to be used

    I totally disagree with this. You should have trauma equipment in a hospital.

    Not to bump the post but with the new Equipment tools, it would be a cool feature to see different Trauma Equipment that can be used for Hospitals so we can have different level Trauma Centres.

    just something else that causes you to spend points to purchase stuff that they will start "requiring" to finish a mission... Not broken....don't fix it

    There is no requirement to use all the equipment. I personally think that equipment is a good idea and I will be using on AU if/when it appears in certain cases. But I agree that for players with bigger coverage areas it is expensive, which is why I will probably equip (if/when it comes to AU) just a small number of units in areas without a lot of specialist support.

    I have received missions on the US version that "required" the equipment to complete even though i did not have the extensions. Very similar to the addition of the required flooding equipment on some missions.

    Today I had a call I created that required special rescue, sent my modified heavy rescue engine and it counted. Not sure why it didn't before but it seems to be working now.

    Follow up, sent a utility vehicle with a hazmat attachment along with 4 hazmat trained crew. The mission called for 2 trained crew. Mission showed no hazmat on the scene.

    I am also finding that the mission require "Two Haz Mat Vehicles" as an example and 12 Haz Mat Personnel. I send two units fully staffing and trained and then get message that one more haz mat trained personnel is needed after units arrived. I have verified that all 6 people assigned to both units are trained

    Some thing not really minor (this first one was totally overlooked) and that is the air light truck the mobile air should be able to carry the light tower equipment (four examples LA (City and County) Ventura County and SMFR

    2 add a off road rescue vehicle for EMS stations and expansion (these are used to remove victims from areas that normal ambulances can’t reach and would go great for making some calls more realistic

    3 add a vent fan it’s odd the some servers have gotten this and the US server has not

    I think that the entire "equipment" thing should be removed. It is unnecessary and just a way to make us spend money. My set up covers 65% of florida now. Do you realize the cost associated with covering that area to get some of the "stuff"?

    So the devs have already done realistic missions? And they decide to copy and paste US game missions with unrealistic requirments that will need to be changed, creating more work for themselves when they could of just used any one of the fifteen! that you made. Unacceptable imo.

    Fully understand that the responses are different in UK, AUS and US, but I can tell you that the required response for that type call on the US game is accurate based on most areas that I know. Even Fire Departments that are not Fire Based EMS, will have EMT's of First Responders respond to any cardiac call, and that include Pediatric CPR and Drownings. In the real world I have run many.

    Not sure about others, but in the area that I work in.....Tampa Bay Region in the US...there is no "required" use of a helicopter for emergency transport.. It is at the discretion of the on scene IC or Paramedic

    I have a large set up that covers about 60% of Florida. I have a large amount of EMS Chiefs. I have noticed that despite setting a graphic for that vehicle each time, I find that the largest percentage of them at some point defaults back to the default graphic of the little small red icon. What causes this.... And NO....I have not checked the box to "copy image for all vehicles of same type" for any of them.. And it is not all of them.....just randomly spread out.