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    I just double checked that and it's set to the max distance. plus I can dispatch if I open the dispatch window in a different tab. that's actually what I've been doing for now is running two tabs on explorer.

    Try using a different browser to play the game. Explorer is not the friendliest. I started out using Edge and had issues....then tried explorer and same thing. switched to chrome and it works fine.

    I notice that the max personnel on a Quint is 6 and on a Ladder Truck is only 3 with a 3 person minimum. Most places I know staff their trucks heavier than Engines. Can we possibly get the staffing level to match on Quints and Ladders? Then we can adjust it to the level matching the set up we use. Just a thought... thanks

    Here is an old forum this was already discussed in... there are several

    Storage Warehouse

    That's not even the most annoying part of the rapid wildland missions... it's the part requiring 20 or so hotshots for each. As someone who builds realistically and my state only has 5 hotshot crews very spread out, it's so frustrating having to wait hours just so I can complete the mission. The amount of follow-up missions generated is also absurd. (as seen below)….png?width=409&height=676

    Agree....I was trying to maintain a positive post and be constructive with some suggestions...

    I have brought this forward before and I am going to bring it forward again in hopes that the developers will see it and make some changes. This morning while running the game in the turbo mode, over the span of an hour I have more than 60 rapid wildland missions generate, followed by at least a dozen wildfire clean up, all within close proximity to each other. There is no way you can have the resources to complete these missions as they occur. A suggestion is this.. Why not have the original mission expand a reasonable amount of times to require additional resources, instead of having all those separate missions? Put a cap on the number of expansions so you are not emptied of the ability to complete them. Also a suggestion is to add the "requirement" of dozers and firefighting airplanes to the missions.. thanks for reading

    what did you change in LSSM?

    I did not really "change" anything. I should have been more clear. I just opened the extended alarm window and moved the position of one of my tabs and then moved it back to original place, which prompted me to save on exit. I saved, logged out of the game, cleared the cache on the browser, logged back into the game and they were there.

    Another quick question. I'm using the website and a station in Grand Prairie, TX say

    Scorpion 3 [Blocker]

    Does anybody know what vehicle that would be?

    A "Blocker" is a unit that responds to motor vehicle accidents or accidents on the highway and it is placed between the on scene apparatus and the on coming traffic to protect equipment and personnel on the scene

    real life is especially in my city is they used the same plan for to build the last 8 new stations.. price didnt change at all!! they plan to keep the same design for 8 more new stations in the works. does costs go up.. for 2 things.. inflation and building materials but it doesnt go up 200%..but going from 250k for a station then 500k for the next in this game is totally unrealistic

    May be unrealistic, but it has been explained to us that the more stations you buy, the higher the cost in credits. For example... I have been playing long enough and purchased so many stations that my cost in credits is $1,814, 298. The concern or displeasure regarding this escalating cost has been passed on to the content folks and the developers.

    I have the same issue as Lenny, can't find or dispatch my smoke jumper plane and wildland lead plane

    I had a problem finding mine initially too. I went to the LSSM and opened the release notes and then went into the extended dispatch window and saved it and then logged completely out of the game and back in and they were there. I should clarify that by saying I am playing on a Laptop....not off the phone app