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    A "smoke investigation" requires 1 battalion, 1 Engine, and 1 Ladder. Yet an "unknown structure fire" requires only 1 engine. Absolutely makes no sense. Similar to the requirements of multiple units on a power line struck by lightning. A broken water main requires 1 Battalion, 3 Engines, 1 Heavy Rescue + Police. Not sure I understand the thought behind these response compliments.

    As just an after thought, while the concept is good (I suppose), I am not sure how it would work. We currently have stations with water rescue extensions and we get "flooding missions" of all types where there is absolutely not one drop of water. It has been explained that this is because the game can't tell where there is water or no water. Therefore, if you have a rural extension or an urban extension, how will the system know the difference?

    This forum relates to the UK game. US bugs are handled by a different team of people.

    Thanks... Sorry, I realize it was/is UK, but I thought the statement was relating to fixes "across the board". On another note I had the pleasure of meeting a real UK Fire Chief this week at a Life Safety Summit and she was very very nice.. It was refreshing.

    EMS Standown should be fixed now and I am going through the QOL pack with the devs to see what will work and what won’t. SAR will be the next update

    It is still not fixed. I sent Ambulance units to several calls today such as Accident with Entrapment and Sinkhole with damage that showed patients and said patients were in the incident. the ambulances were released

    we are aware of all that, but the thread is more about improving and updating the auto transport

    If it is a mission you shared and someone has been offline for more than 30 minutes, you can cancel their transports.

    You have to click on each unit's name individually and then select the cancel transport option.

    Going back to talking about auto-transport; I'm not a fan of this other than how it is currently implemented (through EMS chiefs) as it makes sense to prevent overloading of hospitals (particularly when it comes to those who only put realistic expansions at each hospital).

    IT is very common in real life that hospitals get overloaded or full. Therefore the auto transport would just send the ambulance to the next closest hospital that could handle that patient.

    what he or she had stated made sense to me, when members are offline for days and there is a need for transporting patients, and they do not transport the mission times out and everyone who had responded loses out of the credits. Her or his EMS unit is not able to force the transport others ambulances...


    and what does this comment have to do with the type of alliance I was looking for?

    my apologies as I misunderstood the post. I ready it to mean that the game restricted staffing and that is certainly not the case. did not realize it was related specifically to a specific alliance restriction..

    All very valid issues and I have experienced the same thing...