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    I created a new station and #1 it is assigned to the dispatch center #2 the units are trained and staffed #3 the units are marked as available. #4 it is within the dispatch radius in terms of distance but it does not generate missions and the units to not show up on the list of available apparatus. I have refreshed the screen and I have also logged out and back in since creating it.

    Hi, its called a Platform truck for it to be vague so it could be a tiller, tower, aerial, straight stick ladder etc doubt this will be added

    A "Platform" Truck is an aerial with a basket/bucket on the end. Nothing vague about it. I would suggest that hklinger17 should do what I did... but the "Platform" truck that is available in the list and then when you choose the icon for it, pick from the many available that include straight sticks and tiller apparatus and then name them accordingly. I called the ones I wanted to be "platform" a Tower and the ones that were tiller or straight stick Truck. Then you can send any aerial to any call and it will meet the requirements..

    personally i think you are lucky - iv been getting many single unit calls, id love to get a larger call like them

    It is ok when it is generated sparingly but when you get two medium and two large flooding missions generated within seconds of each other on top of other call volume it is unmanageable. That is with the game running at "normal" generation mode.

    I have a proposal to add platform and heavy rescue trucks to replace fire trucks when doing this mission, most heavy rescues and ladder trucks should carry similar equipment to open a car door to rescue somebody, it would make the most sense to require 1x firetruck (or heavy rescue or platform truck as a replacement), 1x police car, and 1x ambulance (for 1x patient).

    Let me know what you think of this change idea.

    Yea.....that makes sense.... although I have had other missions where it says a BLS unit can be substituted and end up sending an ALS one later. But I totally agree.. I also think it is funny on most of these types of incidents, someone goes to jail for locking their kid in the car!

    Yes as the small flooding doesn't nerd water rescue unit

    Gotcha.....but what I am saying is that I was receiving the LARGE and Medium Flooding before any extensions or boats were in place and I did the extentions and boats to be able to respond, but now they are generated at an obnoxious level

    Pleading with the moderators/developers/IT Folks to please do something with the "Flooding" issue. I have been playing since 6AM this morning with the exception of about 2 hrs when I went out. I that 6 hours of play I have have LARGE Flooding, MEDIUM Flooding and Small Flooding generate over 30 times! That is excessive. Can we PLEASE have that removed until you can fix the randomness of the generation.

    Upgradeable to level 3 giving you 4 aircraft. No real limit on how many you can build. But at 1.5 mil to build and 1.5 mil per level plus cost of the aircraft (which can be as high as 1.5 mil or as low as 300k)....

    I do not even see the availability to purchase a "hanger"

    I followed the instructions in LSSM V4 and customized the tabs to divide units by type classification and yes....I did save it. However, it does not load correctly 50% of the time. Most of the time only the defaulted tabs load.

    I play the US Version and have been following the progress in completing my Easter Events and such. One task is to complete 35 fire station missions. I have been tracking the missions that say "Generated by Fire Station **" and the progress is not changing. I know I have done more than 35 as I have had about 15 or more "flooding" calls all generated by a "fire station"