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    It's one of those things were no one really knows why it just happens like how often the panic button call spawn on the UK game

    The panic button thing spawns in the US Version.. Also a large amount of missions for Serious injuries by glass, chainsaw injuries and glass embedded in a person. Those are simple missions but when you get 4 or 5 missions at one time that require 10-20 units each, all for flooding your resources are gone... STOP THE FLOODING!

    In the time it took me to type that last email I got two more. I am up to a dozen today. I have the game set on normal speed.. Trying to collect the eggs...

    Oh my.....I posted this in the general forum as a question but it is driving me crazy. Yesterday over about a 4 hour period I received Medium and Large Flooding missions a 16 times... I kept track. Today in a period of about 2 hours I have received 7. Most of the time they come two at a time and several times 3 at a time. This is excessive and in most cases it drains all resources and you can not respond to other missions. Is there a way to limit the number of times a mission can generate in a day. Several in one day are not outrageous, but the number being generated is excessive. I have 15 regular fire stations and 3 designated as my airport stations and 6 light boats to try to meet the demand and I routinely run out of apparatus. And...the missions started to generate even before I had any light boats. I had to buy them in an attempt to manage the incidents. PLEASE HELP!...... :S


    It puts all your EMS Chiefs together, so it's easier for you to go through and edit them one-by-one easier than going through all of your stations and finding your EMS Chiefs.

    ok.... so this is just so you can edit them individually...has nothing to do with assigning them? correct? Also, I apologize as I play in the US and realize this is in the UK forum but it seemed to relate.

    Hi. This is not completely MissionChief related so admins please delete if not allowed.

    I’m curious to know what the US response to incidents are.

    In the U.K. say a building fire for example maybe something like make pumps 4 plus Ariel so 4 Engines and an Ariel would be sent and so on. What is the equivalent in the US? can anyone help?

    So far I have seen various compliments required based on the type of structure. I think an industrial fire gets 6-8 engines, two trucks, two Heavy's, 2 Chiefs and a haz mat. Kitchen fire gets 2 engines.....and it goes on and on...varies

    Can some one please expand on exactly what this allows you to do and how to set it up. I went into the LMSS and Dashboard and clicked the small icon and it gives me all of my EMS Chiefs I have designated.. not sure what to do past that point and exactly what the results will be. sorry... I am still new

    I dont even see a Police Depot in my game... maybe I am not the correct rank yet?

    It's totally random as to which missions are generated. You may get a bunch of to day then you may go a few days with out and of them. If you don't have an unit available because it's already out use the follow-up tab to assign the needed units. Once it finishes with the call that it's on; it'll head to the next call. Hope this helps.

    That is what I do in regards to the follow up. But I can tell you in the past 2 or 3 days I have had 30 or more of them...LMAO

    Tbh i dont see the issue is a good paying mission, allows the light boars to be used mroe often and imo they aren't too common

    well.... if you have the game in normal mode, and you have 2 or 3 "flooding" issues at same time (which has been the norm today) it depletes your resources quickly... Normally requires 8 engines, 4 chiefs, mobile command, at least 6 patrol cars and 5-6 ambulances and a couple heavy squads. I had one require 10 engines

    What determines the frequency of missions being generated? BEFORE I even had any light boats for rescue I had flooding missions spawn. They started off sporadic but now it seems that "Medium" or "Giant" or "Large" flooding missions spawn every 10 missions or so and this is consistent despite the game speed. Been playing off and on all day today and have at least a dozen (probably more) flooding incidents spawn and they required an astronomical amount of resources. Also, all my boats don't show up as available on the ticket.....yes, I have them status as available, yes those that need tow vehicle are assigned one, yes they are assigned to the one communications center I have, yes they have the required "trained" personnel. They are a royal pain to say the least.

    Not a bad idea.... I just bought a few extra battalion chiefs and named them Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief, Division Chief, Haz Mat Chief, EMS Chief, Ops Chief and send them as extras. Before anyone jumps on me and says they don't count as extra.....I know. I just did it to make my FD more realistic.

    I would like to suggest a assistant chief in the game what would help out for larger fires be sides the mobile command unit

    They appear in the top line of the mission once you open it to dispatch, see screen shot, you then just click the little egg. :)

    Regarding the alliance... I am in the US how can I realistically participate in a UK alliance?

    Look in the dispatch center for that area and under the vehicle tab and see if they are listed there. If one of them is code 6 it won't show up on a dispatch ticket.

    That is not the case... I had 5 of the SWAT Armored vehicles Swat 10 Swat 20, Swat 30, Airport Swat and FHP Swat. Swat 10 just disappeared. Also having a problem with the vehicle icons randomly switching back to the default icon.