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    Aye. I put the link in the in game forum for MCU today to see if they have anything to say or what not

    I play the US Game and not with you guys from down under. The link to the forums is nice as you can click and go in and post or read posts and you get responses from the moderators quickly most of the time, but sadly I do not see it changing the speed at which issues are addressed. But, it is definitely easy to find and read stuff.

    Upgrading to full station takes 24hr to complete. After 24hrs ( which can't be speed up ) look under the extension tab to build your jail cells. It takes 7 days to complete each cell or you can build instantly for 10 coins per cell.

    Just to be "certain" I wasn't wrong I built one and tried it. You most certainly can expand a small police station with coins or credits and it does in fact take 24 hours. But you certainly "can" speed it up instantly with coins.

    I upgraded my police station to a full size one. But do not have jail cells or the button or tab to add cells. I have to keep exporting them to other departments

    Unless you completed it instantly it takes 24 hours for the upgrade to complete. Also, when I upgraded one of my police stations I had the same thing happened. I had to log out, close browser and log back in to fix it. I am sure someone will say that I am wrong, but I can only relay to you how I fixed the problem I experienced.

    I believe the limit is to help with the performance of the servers (I think). If not that, I know there was a good reason mentioned in another thread that I can't recall off the top of my head

    yes....keeps the servers from crashing.... but I will also agree it is very annoying... However, it is necessary for server performance

    Based on his SS I doubt he even has a coastal station. As I said above the spawning radius is controlled by each station.

    While that may be true, and while you chastised me for commenting I have found that EMS stations (that generate missions) do not have the ability to set that radius and when I commented earlier, I had actually looked at and EMS station, and that is why I said you were not able to set radius.

    I have also said that I would like to see the dozer required as part of a major wildfire. I have dozers I send as EMS Chief says it speeds up the mission. I am sure it does, but it is hard to see. None of us are developers (especially me), so I would guess that if they say it is difficult to do, then we have to sit back and wait to see or just accept the fact that it is not going to happen. I would however, disagree that not all jurisdictions (in real life) have dozers. I can't and won't say for sure, but I believe each state has some sort of agency within the state government that is responsible for their forest management and I would almost bet money they have dozers... Some states more than others I am sure. I can tell you that I know all of the states in the Southeastern US have them. Thanks for the replies EMS Chief.

    so, now I have a mission that requires smoke jumpers. I have water drop helo, smoke jumper plane, lead plane, only thing I can send is water drop helo, can't send smoke jumper, it does have the required 20 smoke jumpers

    I believe that you have to have the 20 spots filled on the plane with smoke jumpers or you can not dispatch/deploy the smokejumper plane. That is what I was told a while back... even though when you purchase it, the thing plainly says minimum of 10

    Why is that mission different from any others? Almost all the missions in this game involve some sort of accident, injury, or other event that would be traumatic for the victims. Why should we ignore something that can happen and does happen- just like every other mission in the game?

    I am specifically referring to firefighter injuries and accidents. Just my opinion....that is all. I just do not think we should make a game out of firefighter accidents and injuries..

    Never thought of it. But I do not even like the Fire Truck Crash as it makes a game out of firefighter accidents and injuries and since we kill over 100 a year in line of duty and hundreds of thousands of injuries.. it is not a game.. That is just my opinion...

    My ground vehicles are creating their own paths over rivers, waterways, and even into the ocean. Is there any way to avoid this?

    Thanks in advance.

    been brought up many times and basically the game can not determine water vs land so at this time....there is no fix. An example it that I had jet ski out of fuel in the middle of a national forest in the middle of the state with no water nearby. Watched the small coastal boat travel across land...

    Not sure is this is intended or what but just did not seem normal. I have 7 Firefighting Plane Stations that I added the new wildland extensions to and put planes with smoke jumpers in them. Then I have 5 fire stations that I spread out in the state that have added the wildland extension to and equipped them with crew carriers and tenders and wildland command units. I have hundreds of other stations and one dispatch center that all stations are assigned to. I am at work today so I left the game on slow and was on and off all day, opening and closing the browser. At the present time I have had 61 missions generate all day and every single one was a wildland fire or wildland clean up. I have changed no settings.. Is this normal?

    Went back and edited this because as it continued I ended up with 81 wildland missions before a single other mission was generated.

    I don't think anything will hurt you if you delete them Not a numbers game I don't think. I am toying with the same thing. Have about 15 members of which 6 have played over the past two months. I know the others are inactive as I did a screen shot of their funds and it has not changed. AT this point, I think I will just leave them

    Thats the same info I gave you when asked the same question a few months ago. Also I routinely send a heave tanker from SC to NYC where I have no forestry extensions to cover the few calls I get there for woodland engines.

    Thanks again for the refresher... Sorry for the repeat, but I am old and often can't remember what I did yesterday. I was just trying to help someone with an answer... Have a great day and thanks again