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    My missions say "maximum 1+ prisoner" And 78% of the time have no prisoners

    sorry....what I should have said, that I find that the missions that do list a prisoner, do in fact have one transported. But now I understand you want prisoners added to those police missions that it would make sense to have an arrest... Gotcha

    If Canada is similar to US in terms of security, you will not find each individual police station. I can google a police department name and it shows where the main PD is located but never find a list of all police stations in that jurisdiction. The MC map will often show PD station locations in some places, but obviously not the number or type of units.

    There are also departments (i.e. Dallas) that have dedicated blocker/traffic units so it is not unrealistic for them to be in both.

    Agree with what you say.

    No need to shout, dude. There are missions (yes, I have had a few) that need traffic control. I have all my police trained on it, just in case. As for it being a fire school class, they have 'fire police' in most volunteer companies, usually all the old guys who have been there and can't hump hose anymore.

    In answer to the question I have not seen them pop up on my screen as missions but I don't have anyone on either side trained as I have been playing for some time, and since this training just popped up, it would be way too expensive to train everyone now.

    not realistic? all the big cities in the US are compacted with fire stations

    Why did my missions start spawning too far away?

    Last Updated: 647d

    If your missions started to generate at long distances, it means that our in-game anti-abuse system was activated. This happens when you place too many stations of the same type within a small radius, which is neither realistic nor fair to have all these stations cluttered in one area to get new missions easy to complete.

    The mission spawn radius this system triggers is up to 100 km distance.

    If you then want your missions to spawn normally, you will need to move or remove stations that are standing too close to each other.

    In order to maintain the integrity of this protection mechanism, we are unable to publish detailed information on how this protection is triggered.

    I have not seen this issue. I agree with the fact that placing your stations too close should not be a problem as in big cities they fire stations may be close. I am building out the entire state of Florida and cities like Tallahassee, Tampa, Gainesville, Ocala, Lakeland, Pinellas County Jacksonville and others have stations placed very close together. However, unless, I am just not paying attention, I have not noticed missions spawned by stations that are a miles and miles away.

    Heya y'all, this was an incorrectly generated patient requirement which coincidentally could be solved by rescue services helicopters but shouldn't have been there in the first place. We applied a hotfix so that this requirement shouldn't be generated anymore.


    Dennis of the dev team


    As we all know each day we get "daily tasks" to complete. I recently discovered that despite getting 50+ Wildland Fire Missions a day, they do not count towards completing the number of "fire missions" to finish the task. A plane crash on fire in the wildland counts for 1 fire mission, but the resulting fire that follows it does not count toward the fire missions. Conversely, an "accident involving a bus" that is not on fire, but requires 11+ patients to be transported, and an EMS Chief and perhaps and EMS mobile command depending the number of patients, counts as a fire mission. Is there a way to possibly change that?

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at this.

    First and foremost, thanks so much for the response..

    #1 I have only a handful of stations (6 spread out across the state) that actually have the "wildland expansion" but all of my stations have the "forestry" expansion. The ones with "wildland" all have at least 3 staffed smokejumper planes. I have 14 Firefighting Plane stations spread out across the state and all have at least one Helicopter, 1 Air Tanker and 3 smokejumper planes.

    #2 By slowing down the "dispatch time" do you mean the game speed?

    #3 I get that missions expand, and understand that concept, but I was suggesting that one mission spawns and then just expands similar to others, requiring more units to be sent to the original fire so that it is run by the ICS system as a Complex Fire instead of 5, 6, 7 new missions spawning in the same spot. When this happens that is when the resources are drain as you will have a Major Fast Moving Wildfire and then multiple "Major Fast Moving Wildfire Cause by Major Fast Moving Wildfire". This should be all one expanding mission and not multiple ones, especially since they are all within close proximity. This is where you would then get your multiple Wildland Command Units as the main ICP and the normal Command units as part of the various divisions. Maybe I am not explaining the suggestion clearly? Doing my best

    #4 I will adjust the Comm Center Settings and see what changes.

    #5 I have had wildland fires generate or spawn in the middle of major Cities such as Tampa, Tallahassee, Gainesville and Jacksonville and they do not have the wildland fire extension active.. Just Forestry extension that allows brush trucks

    #6 I also have dozers with transports (at least one in each county) that never are required and seem to do no good on the wildland fires, but I send them anyway to be realistic as we do that in Florida.

    #7 I have also noticed that there are often various Wildland Fire Clean Up missions generated where there have been no wildland fires.

    Attached is a prime example: I changed the settings as you suggested and at the time the mission speed was "paused". After saving the settings, I logged out and back in and set the mission speed to "Normal" and these are the first two missions to generate/spawn and they were both generated by a station that only has the "forestry" expansion, not wildland. They are not anywhere near the spawn radius for the wildland station.

    And...lastly due to my own stupidity and not paying attention, I was trying to adjust the area for one of my wildland fire stations and hit the wrong button and deleted the entire darn station..... grrrrr.... no biggie....just an error on my part... Did not start my day well! Have a great day./

    Thanks so very much for the time you took to review my message and respond. I do appreciate it....and appreciate your work.

    I am routinely having my selected graphics for units revert back to default, most specifically it seem to impact EMS Chief and Wildland planes. Happens all the time and I am not checking any new or different boxes

    I accidently purchased two (2) lead planes in one Firefighting Plane Station for forestry after I activated the command extension. I built another station and cant seem to move it to another plane station. In fact I can not move any other aircraft at all to another location and YES there is room in the hanger for the aircraft. When you bring up the unit and select "move" the only place it shows that you can move an airplane to is a regular fire station. Can we fix this?

    I am surprised that it does not require 2 wildland MCV... Some of that apparatus assignments amaze me, but I was told quite some time ago to stop complaining, so I just go alone and let the missions happen... No explanation asked.

    Just has a call drop as an MCI, but the screen with the patients looks really screwed up (see attached screenshot). This is the way my last few have displayed after the EMS chief shows up. Is this intended or is it a dev error to show this info?

    This is normal....may be some upgrade but I have seen this on most MCI incidents lately after units arrive

    Here is a suggestion for the developers... The picture shows four (4) Wildland Incidents that spawned at the same time that are closely located. This type of incident would most likely be managed as a "Complex" fire and and managed by an ICP with different divisions. If the developers could stop the dozens of random wildfires and make them expanding incidents not multiple separate incidents..