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    First my 2 cents on the US costal rescue update way better implementation on the UK server as the coast guard is as stated by someone else a military branch and unlike in the UK is not reachable by our emergency number (911) As in the UK u can call 999 and ask for the coast guard

    Second hats off to the UK Server devs on doing something better than the US Server devs even thoe the updates came out around the same time And let’s hope they can pull off better airport mechanics

    Third no way FB players are more valued and if that’s true then the devs need to rethink their strategy as FB Players basically can not like suggest things

    Fourth best of luck to the MCUK Forum community as I to I thinking of leaving MC should a CR PT 2 come to the us server not like changing some things as coast guard = Life guard false statement and should not have been large/small station designated name

    1: The USCG only acts in a military capacity in certain situations. It is part of the Department of Homeland Security, and spends most of its time performing its maritime rescue and law enforcement missions.

    2: You can definitely call the Coast Guard directly. Use channel 16 on a marine radio, which you'd probably have on a boat, which is when you'd need the Coast Guard.

    Sadly, it seems that they do not update the road data frequently, if ever. My units use old roads that have not existed in about 8 years (funny enough, about the age of Mission Chief...), and do not use new roads that have existed that long. I have confirmed that the actual OSM data is correct and was correct at the times those roads closed/opened, so the issue is MC not importing new data, probably since the game's launch. I opened a ticket with the devs about it, but got a generic response that they'd look into it. That was months ago and I've heard nothing.

    Edit: I should also point out that the *visual* OSM map is updated, it's just the pathing that uses old data. So, the result is that units don't use some roads that show on the map, and use old roads that do not show up on the map.

    I believe the time is only calculated for units within a certain distance of the call (maybe 20 miles if I remember correctly). So if you see both at the same time, it's probably the closer units that have the time calculated. This has been my experience and has been consistent for as long as I can remember.

    Just set them all to blank images. There are already some blank vehicle graphics sets available.

    Sorry, but one mission not showing up as available does not prevent you from playing the game. If you do meet the requirements and it is indeed a bug, then there is nothing that we as players can do about it. I understand you may have personal reasons for not progressing further, but that is not an issue with the game and is very unlikely to be considered by the devs when prioritizing bugs.

    Edit: Also, do all the stations you have your 40 hotshots assigned to belong to the same Dispatch Center? If not, they won't all count towards the same mission requirements.

    Hello, waiting already 3 months, I'm unable to play the game due to this issue for 3 months, is anyone willing to help fix it?

    The mission is not available to you because it is a new Hotshot version of the mission that requires an amount of Hotshots in addition to the stations/expansions listed. Click on details to see. Also, how is this mission not being available to you preventing you from playing the game?

    not sure which support you had contact with, but if you havent - better off contacting the open street map support, and see if the can update, MC support really cant do anything with that app, they just have permssion to use it

    The issue isn't with OSM. As I said previously, I have verified that the data in OSM is correct and up to date. The game just doesn't use it.

    What status is the boat unit? Can you tell it to cancel? If you give it an order and it doesn't have a towing vehicle present it should create a transport request and let you pick which vehicle you want to go get it.

    Also, I've seen this happen when you cancel the towing vehicle from a mission or staging area, and not the boat or other trailer itself. Always just cancel the boat/trailer, and the towing vehicle should come along with it.

    Just to update everyone, I got a reply today that says my concern will be forwarded to the team to investigate. Hopefully it can be resolved easily.

    Depending on what browser you use, you may be able force all sites to use dark mode. For example, in Chrome:

    Enter "chrome://flags" into Google Chrome's address bar and enable the "Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents" flag to force Google Chrome to display all websites in dark mode.

    You can also use a browser extension to force sites into dark mode.

    The game mapping servers sometimes just have a hiccup, or just don't recognise routes at all. Occasionally, you'll notice a car acting like a helicopter and driving through buildings! haha

    If it's a persistent issue, the best way is via the support in-app as you've already done, but to be honest, not sure they'll be bothered about fixing a specific road, unfortunately.

    Yeah, I notice that sometimes units go offroading if they don't have a great path. This is a different issue where units always take the old/outdated route/alignment of certain roads and always refuse to use new ones. I'm intimately familiar with the area I'm in in-game, and I have confirmed that the game ignores anything newer than six years ago. I'm sure I can't be the only one having this issue, though it'd obviously be noticeable in some areas more than others.

    I have verified that the route data on OpenStreetMap is correct. Just taking an educated guess as to what may be happening, I think it's possible that instead of constantly using OpenStreetMap's route data live (that'd be a lot of traffic from MC to OSM), the devs could have imported it at some point, so it would need to be refreshed or reimported. The map that is actually displayed by the game is live directly from OSM and so is up-to-date.

    How can I raise an official bug report or ticket on this? I've used the in-app support chat feature, which I think should be sufficient. Anyone who knows better, please let me know.

    I believe that all the routing is done using Open Street Maps. If there are updates that need to be made to those maps, they are generally community driven. You can look at for more details on the maps. There is process to Edit the maps on the site as well.

    That's the thing: the map is updated. I can see the roads and the correct alignment, the units just don't follow it.