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    What is with these costing so much and why do some missions require 10+ in addition to 5+ helicopter hangars and plane hangars? Thats like over 40 million to build all of that and for what? 18 missions none of which come up frequently or have a very big reward? What is the pull to build all of this and spend this much time and credits for 18 missions?

    Definitely more realistic in terms of seating, but a lot of career departments, at least in the northeast US, run 2-4 on their tower ladders. However, I think that people would have an issue with this in game because of the staffing people have had set up. Personally, I staff all of my apparatus with the max amount and assign people to it, I dont have a large overhead of personnel because when I construct a new station, I take personnel that arent assigned to a truck and transfer them to the new station to bring its staffing up. If all of my platform trucks suddenly had 6, I would either make the max personnel 3 or I would have to hire over 60 people to fill those spots.

    I think this mission should require (or have a variation that requires) an arson investigator and a police supervisor or chief, seems more realistic that if there was a fire in a prison cell that youd have a pretty major police and arson investigation response seeing as prisoners shouldnt have any way of starting a fire let alone a large enough fire to warrant 4 engines, a ladder, a light air and 2 chiefs.

    Food for thought.

    I have been toying around with the idea of having mutual/automatic aid implemented for alliances. For example, 2 players in the same alliance agree on some set plan and when that call comes in for either of them, they can activate that mutual aid response the same way you would use ARRs. If one player is offline, it will automatically take units and send them back when the scene is finished, if theyre online then it sends a notification and requests which the other player can accept and send the units or deny and not send any.

    I am not sure if this is a good idea and I havent fully fleshed out the specifics or details but I want to hear what other people think about the idea, probably a really bad idea but I am totally unsure.

    Fire investigators will usually still respond, I have personally been at incidents where a brush fire starts from a car crash and we still have the fire marshals come out to see if there is any other contributors to the fire starting. At that particular incident, the guy who got in the crash also had gas tanks improperly stored in his car that caught fire and spilled out which started the brush fire.

    Could be an issue on my end, but I notice a lot of calls say they have some % probability for HEMS, I would assume this means that HEMS will be requested with a certain percent chance for a specific run? So for example if an arborist accident has a 5% probability for HEMS, would that not mean that theres a 5% chance for HEMS to be requested?

    I could be wrong about this entire thing but the way its worded makes it sound like theres a 5 percent chance for HEMS to be requested or required to transport a patient from a call. If that isn't a feature it would also be nice to see that as a feature to give HEMS an actual use because at this moment, I have had a helicopter station for months and haven't sent it on a single call, it is set up to my dispatch center and everything should work.

    I would love to see some more uses for the utility unit and trailers that go along with it.

    Right now, the only things I can find that use the utility unit as a towing vehicle are

    • Using it as a heavy rescue
    • Foam trailer
    • Small coastal boat trailer
    • Light Boat trailer
    • Tanker trailer

    I would love to see the towing mechanic expanded in game, maybe add things like:

    • Allow the Small EMS MCI trailer to be towed by the Utility unit (at the moment, you can only tow it with a fly car, an EMS Chief, or an EMS rescue)
    • Add a hazmat tailer (require at minimum 2 and at maximum 4 hazmat trained personnel to tow)
    • Arson investigation trailer (and add more arson investigation missions as follow ups to some larger incidents like conflagrations, large and major fires, this is used in my state and many others)
    • Command trailers (EMS, Fire, PD, and Wildland, takes the place of MCVs and requires training, this is something that I have seen in my state, maybe also allow battalion chief units to take the place of an MCV when this unit is here?)
    • Mobile Air Trailer (takes the place of a mobile air unit)
    • Riot Police Trailer (can only be towed by a patrol car, SWAT SUV, or a supervisor. This would require a Police station to buy it and staff it with their personnel)
    • Police ATV trailer (same as Riot Police Trailer)

    If anybody else has any other ideas, put it in the comments, I think that towing and the utility unit isnt utilized enough in the game and it would be nice to see it expanded

    Not sure if im just an idiot, but the water tanker unit is supposed to have 3000 gallons of water, but when i selected a tanker for a small wildfire mission, it said that it had 3750 gallons of water.

    Using the ARR is a possibility, but it would be nice to have it work like vehicles that require trailers where if one goes, the other is automatically sent.

    I think I have suggested something similar before, but I can't remember

    It would be cool if we could tie units together sort of like how boats and trailer vehicles work so that they always respond with the other if either is selected. Having a "2nd piece" that goes with a specific vehicle.

    This sort of ties into my previous post about hazmat and expanding the SOC side of the game but heres the units that would tie together and with what

    Engine + Decon/hazmat unit (think FDNY HMTUs that follow the engine for calls, would have min of 1 and max of 4 and require hazmat training)[Blocked Image:]

    Ladder(platform truck) + chemical decon unit (think FDNY CPC truck that follows the ladder to decon calls, min 1 max 2 requires hazmat training, i would say have a new training class for decon but I think that would make it too in depth and not really needed for a game)

    [Blocked Image:]

    Rescue engine + squad unit (similar to how FDNY squads work where for some calls the squad runs behind the engine piece, min 1 max 2, maybe have some sort of specialized training like heavy machinery operating or something)

    [Blocked Image:]

    I want to point out that this would be good to add for mission variations and have later game missions require the units outright. The same way that some missions require a fire investigator and it has a variation where it doesn't, but when you buy the fire investigation office or extension, those missions can spawn.

    Would be kinda cool to see something like Decon units and more SOC stuff in the game. Seems like the only SOC stuff is the one hazmat unit and water rescue.

    Maybe something similar to FDNY where some ladder companies (Ex. Tower Ladder 14, Ladder 47, etc) are SOC support companies and some (Ex. Tower Ladder 12, H&L 6, etc) are chemical protective clothing (CPC) ladder companies and respond to hazmat calls. Some of the engines too are decon engines and run with light decon equipment and go to hazmat calls as the decon teams.

    Having a more expansive hazmat/SOC side of the game would be cool. Maybe specialized hazmat teams for certain missions or distinctions between capabilities? (Similar to how we have large, medium, and small ARFF units)

    As others have stated already, transporting fire engines exist (i personally think theyre stupid but my opinion on the matter doesnt change reality) hence why they're in the game. Now from a gameplay standpoint, theres only about 5 missions total that I ever send the 4 ALS Fire engines that I have to which makes them pretty useless to me. I find that if I send them to calls with a lot of patients, they want to transport before the mission is done and I end up needing to send an engine in its place while the mission is finished up which is very slow and gets very annoying. However, they have been useful in the past.

    Engines and trucks could double as fly cars but then why not just get an ALS ambulance, you make more money by transporting than you would if you had a BLS fly car engine. Yes it is realistic that all firetrucks in the US (per NFPA I believe) have to have some form of an AED and some very basic life saving equipment, but its a video game and I really dont think we need that many multipurpose units.

    Also why fewer fires? Is it all that realistic? FDNY got around 40,000 fires (27,000 structural fires and 13,000 non structural fires) in 2018, they are going to 109 fires a day... So is it really all that unrealistic to have multiple fire calls in one game "day"?

    While yes, places like FDNY run their ladders as "light" heavy rescues (where they have a set of jaws and cribbing and some basic stabilization equipment along with rope rescue and high angle stuff), I don't think that we need a platform rescue truck as it just wouldnt make much sense to have in the game along with being fairly uncommon. I think that the quint is common enough to warrant having it as a vehicle in the game same with the rescue engine (squad)

    I can appreciate that the Quint/Heavy could be considered too powerful and that they can’t introduce every possible apparatus out there but I would argue that adding the a Truck company that has rescue equipment is the second or third most common apparatus in the US. And a platform/Heavy wouldn’t be any more powerful than the Rescue Engine is.

    To help combat the quint/Heavy being to powerful they could make it so they only count as one of the required apparatus rather than satisfying multiple of the requirements like the Rescue Engine.

    As for the Hazmat/Heavy I don’t expect it to happen. I am just voicing that it would be a good addition in my opinion.

    With this, I really dont like the idea of having quints and rescue enignes only fulfill one of the two requirements for missions, the purpose of them is to fill 2 requirements and have less apparatus responding and being stuck at scenes. It is designed to free up space in your city, district, town, or whatever.

    I also don't really see the point of having a hazmat/heavy rescue because there arent many missions that require only hazmat or heavy rescue, and the ones that do also require engines and ladders so it would totally defeat the purpose of the squad in that mission. There aren't many times where i think to myself "damn, I need a rescue and a hazmat for this mission but I only have the hazmat".

    Might be a decent idea to add a follow up to some hazmat missions with a decon mission. I think it should either be a standalone mission (in the event of some sort of chemical spill) or as a "caused by" mission (similar to officer down, caused by [whatever mission]).

    Might also be a good idea to allow for an extension to stations to allow for decon units. I know that in FDNY some engine companies are specifically Decon engines (Engine co. 7 in Manhattan), might be a good idea to have a decon trailer unit that is towed by a utility truck (partially to give utility trucks more uses) or maybe even by the engine (to give the impression of a decon engine).

    The title not make much sense but what I am thinking is to allow you to tie units together (more than just boats and trailers) so that they always run together if you send one.

    I am thinking something similar to how FDNY Squads and HM1 work. For those that don't know, Squads run as 2 units to some calls, the engine and the squad. Hazmat 1 always runs as two units, the walk in hazmat unit and the other unit (cant remember what it's for but most likely extra hands and equipment).

    I think it might be a cool addition to allow you to tie a maximum of two units together so that they always run, this is not an alarm response regulation, this would be similar to tying boats to trailers and stuff like that.

    I noticed that there are a few dual purpose units such as Quints, Rescue engines (squads), and TEMS units as well as hazmat ambulances but there are no hazmat engines. Many towns and cities run some engines as hazmat capable engines wether it be for decon or full hazmat.

    Might be a good idea to add a hazmat engine with a smaller tank (500 gallons), 30 gallons of foam, and as a 6 seater (minimum of 4) where all of the personnel are required to have hazmat cert.