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    So as it stands, alliance events can be started once ever 7 days (168 hours) and large scale alliance missions once every day (24 hours). The games internal timer starts ticking from the moment the server recognises that an event has started.

    Now for alliances that have schedule of events, for example, "a storm every sundae at 6pm, an alliance mission daily at 7pm". This does not work. For the first event can start bang on time, say at 6pm. But the next days cannot start bang on time as the event creation does not show up as "free" until you open the create alliance event box after the time the previous days has started. It's even worse if someone's clock is running slightly late and the event starts minutes late.

    At the moment, alliances are having to miss a week or days event to catch back up on timing every so often.

    The solution to this is to slightly shorten the time between missions: to 15 minutes shorter for storms and 5 minutes shorter for missions. The new timings would be as follows:

    alliance event every 6 days, 23 hours, 45 minutes
    alliance large scale mission ever 23 hours, 55 minutes.

    Sebastian, this will in no way effect coin purchases, but will mean that alliance missions and events can be used how you intended them to be, as the current timings are not working.

    Does anyone have anything else to add?

    Is there any reason why you require 6 and the maximum number is also 6?

    I feel there should be a not about minimum of 6 people required when you buy one at least. Especially as it's one of the longer training sessions.

    SWAT units require a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 6 people to deploy. (Unlike all other units that require a minimum of 1 person).

    At the moment, I have 5 people trained per station and trying to deploy a swat unit I get:

    "[UNIT] has not enough personal (min. 6) or the given personal doesn't have the right qualification."

    Is this something that can be rectified?

    I assumed that might be the case, and indeed in that case how it's being developed os the correct way to go about things.

    I want to make it obvious that although a potentially unpopular opinion my last post was, I think it's something to ask/address both for the devs and community!

    Afternoon all!

    Before you read this, it's worth noting that I'm a fan of this game and appreciate all the work various developers have put into it to get it where it is today. There is something I can't wrap my head around though, and that is as to why there's 2 versions of the game out there (both this and the German version)?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but it'd be a much better use of time, servers, and be better for the community of both games if there was only one version (the German one) and the devs for this version focused on the English translation of the live German site instead. That way we'd get all the features of the German game as they come out, and translations would be much easier and quicker to do than fully developing a new coded version like they are now.

    This is assuming that the current devs of this version are a part of the dev team for the German version (which I assume they would be or you'd be massively infringing in rights and all that jazz)

    It feels to me like the developer forgot to set the calls as active, but did make them appear in the list?

    I would say the concerts etc are an entirely different kettle of fish to the airport calls, as the airport calls don't take 5 hours timed to complete!

    When alliance admins are setting up a storm for their alliance, I feel they should be allowed to make more than 1 staging area (maybe a max of 4).

    This is especially prevalent when making large area storms with multiple staging areas, as currently our alliance admins and co-admins are having to make multiple accounts to make all the staging areas required.

    So to recap:
    Alliance admins & co-admins can build a max of 4 staging areas for free.
    Normal alliance members can built 1 for free as normal.

    Why are there multiple variations of the game? Surely it's more sensible and the proper way to do it by having one core game with multiple translations?

    This way just seems pretty silly.