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    I was considering starting building standalone ambulance stations for private. E.G Care, WestMed & McCormick

    And you say you have realistic locations / rigs woukd you mind sharing how and where you got the info as I’ve not even got past tryna find the real life locations of such companies nevermind there apparatus

    Wow 865 stations - I’m hoping to cover whole of LA County I’m sticking completely realistically although I can understand how hard it must be to be 100% real when you have that many stations hoping to eventually move on LA Cpunty fire and then Orange County fire

    Hi all,

    Im interested to know where you started off in the game and where you are now in terms of what FD / Area you play ? And how far progressed you are with stations.

    I Play and base all units / stations of real life.

    I started off with 3 stations in the north Hollywood area with the LAFD

    I currently operate

    6 police Stations - Los Angeles PD

    19 Ambulance Expansions - Los Angeles FD

    36 Fire Stations - 1x Los Angeles County FD, 1x Beverly Hills FD, 2x Santa Monica FD, 32x Los Angeles FD

    I plan to go onto build the remaining 3x Santa Monica FD stations, 2x Beverly Hills FD Stations befire starting to build the 3x Culver City FD stations & the 2x El Segundo FD stations

    How about you guys where were you ? Where are you ? And what’s your next plans :)

    I think these are good ideas and woukdnt be too hard to implement especially like you said for rural and even possibly for smaller FD.

    Didn’t mean Lifeguard or Coroner was simply displaying a possible layout of how to display your desired unit idea was only hypothetical examples 🙂

    Hi All,

    I’m intrigued to see what you guys think for new / updates etc. units for possible future updates. Hopefully moderators may see and pass on to devs if they are popular / interesting enough.

    If possible try set out and include details e.g

    Unit Name - Coroner, Lifeguard …. Etc.

    Department - Police, Rescue / EMS, Fire, Federal

    Personnel - 2 to 3

    Prisoners / Patients Transported - if applicable

    Role - ……

    Cost - $35,000 credits

    Stand-alone Station or Expansion ???

    And any other details you think suit :)