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    These bugs hopefully have all been fixed within the last ~1 hour, if you still see issues first try to trigger a re-calculation of the affected mission (this can be done by just sending any vehicle there and recalling it immediately), this should clear everything up. If issues still persist, feel free to note which vehicles still don't work properly (this issue affected multiple vehicles across our games and included ATF/DEA/FBI/Brush/Wildfire/Divers/Riot Police).

    Sorry for the interruption in gameplay && Greetings

    Dennis of the dev team

    the FBI wagons are still bugged on the US server, every single powerplant CBRNE mission wont complete with multiple FBI wagons. and triggering with new vehicles does not complete it.

    Rehab units also known as Canteen units are used all over north America, these units are food trucks that supply food and drinks to personnel on scene of a incident. I think these units should work similar to the EMS operation support unit, the Rehab unit should boost the call speed by 20%

    everywhere I have worked, rehab and canteen units are 2 different things. Rehab is staffed by medics and monitors FF vitals, provides water, cooling chairs etc along with bottle fill and other fireground support. canteen units are usually run by the ARC and only come out on large missions.