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    Yeah i know, but its also cool to see all the alliance radios instead of just yours.... But the Transport requests make it kinda pointless to enjoy it.

    Instead of doing 10 transfer of personnel a week, make it where the personal that you are moving pack up in a transport vehicle from the locations they are being moved from and it takes the actual time across the states. This adds a bit of realism to the table and still builds on preventing moving people instantly all the time which is why i think this rule is in place? But either way to just move everyone all the time it still takes equal time just not as long as a week to be able to move everyone that is needed.

    For the alliance radio can we have a option to either hide all "Transport Request" or permanently when alliance radio is "on" of all request that are not tied to the owner. I feel this clogs the alliance radio for those liking for the flow and purpose of it.

    When a mission is shared in chat. It would be nice to have the messages of that mission delete after the mission has be completed. I think this will help a lot of Alliances clear their chats up from clutter and spam or confusion of active and inactive missions.

    For those who don't want this to be deleted possibly a option for those who do want to hide them so the chat only shows ongoing missions.