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    Hi all,

    Has anyone been able to post a poll within mission chief since they released the board improvements?

    I keep getting an invalid date error no matter the format I try. However I mostly use the calendar option to pick the date to use the format embeded into the field.

    Any suggestions or anyone else having the same issue?

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    So I use mine when I am expanding into a new area and want intensive care, TOG and other speciliased units in the new area while I am training and recruiting. I set them up for alliance missions since the alliance can only create one at a time.

    Sometimes to reach a far away alliance mission I need to hop between more than 1 dispatch center in order to reach the destination.

    At the very least a 24 hour refund like with buildings for the accident click but a rebate type system would be nice.

    There are some vehicles I only keep on now so I don't waste the investment but would much rather replace them with a more practical vehicle or vehilces I bought as I was learning what everything did. Same with buildings I'd rather sell a building a rebuild it elsewhere then using coins to move it

    Confirmed. I just did a test and 8 was the limit for me as well. It made it appear I could go past this limited as I kept building test one but when I refreshed the page the ones past 8 I made just didn't appear.

    I did however find another post where it mentioned that 4 was the limit but extended to 8 if you were a premium user (which I am).

    I did the same test with Dispatch centers however and they do work on the 1 to 25 ratio.

    I do echo the OP comments about having the ability to delete them espeically if they are unoccupied. It would also be nice if alliances admins could create more than just 1 because when you have your weekly mission and daily mission overlap it would be nice to have at least 2. Or long distance jobs where you need to hop between staging areas to get to the location.

    Here is a list of available APIs:


    Returns how many vehicles are in which status.


    Returns the player's vehicles


    Returns the player's buildings


    Returns information about the player's credits


    Returns general federation information

    The one you will want is api/vehicles however its not very human readable so if you are playing on desktop you are able to install addons such as LSSM which gives you a nice dashboard

    The staging areas work much like dispatch centers where the number you are allowed to have increases by the number of stations you have.

    IIRC its 1 dispatch center/staging area for every 25 stations.

    So I have noticed that the airport vehicles are not using the runways to tranvel to an incident. So they are taking a long time in some cases 3-4 mins to travel to a job as they are going the long way around via public roads.

    I think airport vehicles should travel in straight lines (like aircraft) if they are within a short distance from the incident. If its a long way from the incident travel via roads as normal as this would indicate they are travelling to a nearby airport for assitance.

    Hi Team,

    I would like to see the ability to donate building and credits directly to the alliance. I have just founded my own alliance and would like to donate directly to the alliance to start building alliance infrastructure.

    Also the ability to donate buildings would also be a nice feature as the alliance owner so that way my admin team can start courses as well as alliance members getting the discount based on their discount level.

    If you are not wanting to use ARR's with would dispatch by type you could instead create a group. This would then be specific to the station or named vehicle.

    Would get a bit messy though as you start to expand and get lots of stations, which is where the ARR's would be a better option