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    @djchill I suppose a lot of the coding comes down to the way the services operate in each country. For example, the English version is based primarily on USA response and because responses vary, it becomes difficult to just translate without also fixing up coding issues that prevent different methods of play for each place. That's my understanding of the situation at least.

    Yup @FirefighterDetroit, that pack contains a number of assets which I have used for my edits. Can confirm they are London colour-scheme.

    *edit* If you wanted more than what the graphics pack allows (i.e. the range of vehicles I've uploaded and will continue to upload) then let me know what you're after. But if you simply want to use a standard graphics pack the the Generic London | UK graphics pack is perfect :)

    My Setup:

    24 Fire Stations out of 87 (2 with ambulance extensions, one used as ambulance heavy rescue / HART, one will be ARFF at Exeter Airport)

    1 fire training centre out of 1

    5 Ambulance stations out of 51

    0 out of 1 or 2 air ambulance stations

    3 out of probably 6 or 7 hospitals

    9 police stations out of... probably around 100?!

    One police training centre

    1 out of 2 NPAS (police helicopter) stations.

    I have a lot of work to do!

    @jamie5d Thanks! I can give it a go, send me a message privately with the photo of what you'd like to see (Preferably side-on) and I should be able to get you a first attempt by this evening (3-4 hours).

    Part 7

    For this part, most graphics were taken and cropped/edited from another source - I take NO CREDIT for these whatsoever. All I have done is made them usable in MissionChief. They will be noted as (Original/Unedited - LEGACY) below due to the minimal editing required from my end. And now, on with the next batch...

    RRV (Original/Brightened - LEGACY)
    CSU (Original/Unedited - LEGACY)
    ASU (Edited - Based on Scottish Emergency Vehicles Mobile Air)
    ATT (Original/Unedited - LEGACY)
    CCT (Original/Unedited - LEGACY)

    @Nickynickdispatch I always imagined the main reason of alliance events was to slam down a large number of missions across a wide area very quickly, making it more challenging. Spacing the missions out seems like a bit of a "easy mode" way of looking at it, at least to me it does.

    maybe we could choose how long it is and how often things happen like for storm. But maybe it could be two days, with things happening every 5, 10, or 20 minutes instead of every few seconds? :)

    I would't say no to the idea of a delayed output of extra missions for an alliance event such as the storm, however I think for it to work as intended there would need to remain a fast output of events to make it special.

    Part 6

    NPT/IRV (Edited - Based on London UK| Patrol Car)
    PSU / Transport (Edited - Based on Scottish Emergency Vehicles HazMat)
    DCA Type 1 (Original/Unedited - Generic UK| / London UK|)
    DCA Type 2 (Edited - Based on Generic UK| / London UK| Ambulance)
    RRV (Original/Unedited - Generic UK|)

    This isn't coast guard. It's separate beach patrol as exists with in many coastal fire departments.

    Well I'm not from the USA so I've limited understanding of how your coastal rescue or beach patrols work, but in the UK we have the Coastguard, RNLI and lifeguards who are voluntary members and patrol beaches during certain times of year.

    How this would be implemented, as a part of the fire service / ambulance / possibly add a service is debatable. And as mentioned, coastal areas such as beaches are not mapped by the system used - OpenStreetMap sees only roads and not roads. therefore calls can only spawn on roads, and it would have no way to tell where a beach is unless you posted a POI, and even then it may be finicky to implement.

    I do really like theese!! Can you do a graphc pack?

    As these are using vehicles from other people he would have to get permission from them first

    These are edited and unedited versions of graphics already in three separate packs available, so you'd be correct in suggesting I would need permission to create my own pack based on these. However, you could save each individual graphic I upload and create a PRIVATE graphics pack for yourself, but would be limited in what you could pick based on the unit types in-game. For more realism if you turn off your unit graphics pack you can customise the look of each individual unit as mentioned in my first post on this thread, however this would only be visible for you and all alliance vehicles would remain as default.

    I intend to continue uploading new graphic edits, as I have already done, however they will probably be less frequent as it takes a long time to tweak them to look as detailed as I want, and I had stockpiled most of these before posting this thread. If you have any suggestions KieranWood then feel free to let me know (add a picture attachment and that will help tremendously) and I'll get back to you on it once sufficient progress has been made. :)

    Part 5

    Advanced RRV (Original/Unedited - London UK|)
    HART RRV (Edited - Based on Scottish Emergency Vehicles ARV)
    HART IRU (Edited - Based on Generic UK| / London UK| Ambulance)
    LUV (Edited - Based on Scottish Emergency Vehicles Mobile Air)
    LRP (Edited - Based on Generic UK| Type 1 and London UK| Heavy Rescue)

    Interesting idea, I do wonder how it would be implemented and it does seem like a somewhat small change to make compared to some other I have heard are on "the list". I'd be interested to see what the Dev team say...