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    Please check through the threads on the forum including this one. As I have already told you they are almost all available and as you completely ignored my previous reply I will not be making any of these again.

    Not exactly a *new* unit suggestion, but:

    It is pretty common in the fire service to have a 135 ladder on some but not all appliances. Since this piece of kit is required at some incidents in real life, I would like to see it implemented perhaps as a WrL 135, or create a WrT (Water Tender) as a pump which can deal with most incidents like a WrL but might not be able to deal with incidents involving access to a first story window, or at least one of the three pumps required at a house or roof fire should be a WrL but the rest could be WrT? Idk you get the idea…


    Name~ WrT

    Service~ Fire

    Purpose~ Slightly cheaper version of WrL, able to attend most incidents instead of WrL except some that would require a 135 ladder.

    Personal~ 2-6

    Training~ None

    Building expansion~ None

    Max patients/ prisoner None

    Inspired by Bensmall1 I’ve taken some of his recent SJA Graphics and tweaked them slightly to suit my minor OCD - credit to him and St John Ambulance for the base models I spliced together to get what I wanted. (The 4x4 and SWB are entirely SJA owned graphics I found online and resized). I also think I may have finally cracked the Mondeo Estate that’s been bugging me for well over 4 years now… hope y’all think it was worth the stress 😅

    Avon and Somerset Police Ford Mondeo DSU

    SJA MAN TGE SWB 4x4 Emergency Ambulance

    SJA MAN TGE SWB Emergency Ambulance

    SJA MAN TGE LWB Bariatric Ambulance

    SJA MAN TGE LWB PaNDA Paediatric and Neonatal Ambulance

    That's exactly what this game does.

    This game semi-simulates some aspects of being an emergency dispatcher. It does not simulate answering 911 / emergency calls as the call details are all provided on the screen already for you. most call handlers do not also dispatch to those calls.

    you simply cant move a vehicle from one space to the other if the space you are moving to is full.

    Not true, this should be possible.

    I only find this is an issue when moving vehicles which require a special extension such as the detention van etc.

    For the way the game works it is a lot easier just to run all ambulances with a critical care trained member of staff.

    This is accurate, but the original post was asking for a change to the way the game works to suit their playstyle, which is what we all do when we see parts of the game we would like to be improved. That's not unreasonable, and if you're happy with the way things are now, that's perfectly reasonable too. But unless their suggestion would be detrimental to your gameplay, i.e. cause your gameplay to be negatively affected, I see no reason to suggest to the author of the thread that they should just change their playstyle instead of supporting their suggestion to help them enjoy the game more.

    I dont want to steal the opportunity from Whitchit :)

    But if that small scale is good to you, there are some Astras in my thread.

    I dont think the difference would be seen.

    I appreciate the thought, but I've already offered the below via discord and jamesmayled requested a higher resolution graphic which I do not have at this time. Feel free to jump in the limelight!

    i think they should allow prisons and prison transfer in game instead of just allowing alliances to have prisons.

    Also, if you have a high profile suspect (for instance) could you put a feature where police escort a prison van to the prisons?

    i think having the uk SEG ( Special Escort Group) should be put into the game so they can escort high profile officials to sites

    I agree that prisons shouldn't be limited to alliances but this isn't the right thread to discuss it.

    Again, the escort mission should be suggested in the mission suggestions thread - although I like the idea.

    SEG is a metropolitan police / MOD police unit mainly and can be easily replicated with traffic / armed traffic cars. There is no need to create a new type of unit for this in my opinion. If you want to simulate a motorbike then just limit the personnel of the vehicle to 1.

    Thanks mate, greatly appreciated. Hows this that I've attached below?

    I've done a bit of editing to it as it wasn't great quality - resized it looks fine though (attached)

    Awesome Mark, no worries, will play with this when I have time to convert to DCP

    would be good to see some met police vehicles and maybe some new LFB ones :S

    I don't plan on creating London-based graphics for some time yet, but I'm sure other people will create some at some point and you can always try creating them yourself :)

    Hey, could somebody do a North West Fire Control building icon for a dispatch center? Have looked through each thread and haven't found one

    I've made 4 as I wasn't sure which looked best:

    hello would anyone be able to make a city of london police TFG station icon that incoprotates the inner part of this patch.

    Thank you in advance :D

    Hope this works for you:

    A few requests I received from an admin in the alliance I'm in:

    SHARP Fire Service:

    SHARP Medical:

    Wessex Rescue: