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    I don't see HEMS ever landing at a local Minor Injuries Unit (Clinic) for a hospital transfer, but if Major Trauma Centres are ever added, a transfer from a regular hospital to a MTC would be awesome to see!

    It's been a while, but I think I've finally cracked a decent Police Ford Mondeo - which has been the bane of my graphics since I started producing them!

    Two posts as I have more to show than I can upload per post.

    The first four are:

    Half Battenburg DSU with "Police Dogs" in yellow on boot side window.

    Full Battenburg DSU with "Police Dogs" in yellow on boot side window.

    Half Battenburg DSU with Police Dog Caution Sign in yellow on boot side window.

    Full Battenburg DSU with Police Dog Caution Sign in yellow on boot side window.

    I know this is a big ask but can anyone do a building icon graphic for POLARIS? Its a private ambulance company that in the south east region sends ambulances to 999 calls on behalf of the south central ambulance service.

    I'll give you two since they don't have a standard crest:

    My personal take on this:

    1. The new mission is welcome. Variety is the spice of life, and the more variations to all sizes and types of call, the better. As for it being one call a week that's added, thats down to the devs and not the content team as Alctw10 said. It's been one mission a week for over a year now and I quite like it that way. How many other games release new content weekly over such a long period of time whilst also managing a load of other versions, and pushing out large content packs two or three times a week, plus hot fixes and special events?

    2. I've seen somewhere, although I can't remember where as it was some time ago, that it had been requested to increase the cells in alliance prisons. The devs have decided to push that through, and although I don't generally use alliance prisons much, I'm happy for two reasons. Firstly, the devs are listening (albeit selectively) to our requests, and acting on them (albeit slowly). Secondly, this update is one thing less on their endless list of updates for the game, and thus it makes way for them to focus on something new.

    I appreciate it's not ideal, but at the same time, every small update / tweak / mission monday is a step toward a more flushed out and detailed game. It's progress in the right direction even if it doesn't suit everyone's needs precisely.

    I know of a few still floating round in the area I'm based however these are used for large events to take the workload away from control allowing them to focus on BAU.

    Maybe the ACU could be factored into timed events?

    This would lend itself quite nicely to things like SJA Control Vehicles for medical cover at large events such as concerts etc, as the SJA Control vehicles don't generally respond to major incidents.

    TACRfan I appreciate that there is a high workload for the team currently, but just wanted to know if there's been a chance to raise the request of 'PSU Carriers being able to transport a prisoner' to the devs yet, as upon testing tonight this feature still isn't available.

    If this could be implemented with a specific station which houses reserves, and automatically swaps the reserve with the original for say 8 hours or something, then as long as a player had a station like this for every 500 vehicles for example, I'm sure the automation could be set to never leave the player with fewer active vehicles than intended, and therefore act almost like an automatic cosmetic feature whereby it swaps reserve and normal appliances to give more variety to a setup. I'd use it if it were fully automatic (besides purchasing the initial reserve vehicles etc) but if it were manual, I'd never touch it with the large setups I have.

    Thanks for the explanation. I have two (2) hangers and two (2) of the rescue station all with equipment and a total of 50 personnel spread between all of them and all are trained at all levels of training available at the Beach Rescue School and NO Missions have spawned. They are marked as ready for action. is there something else I need to do?

    As mibzzer15 said in the post above yours, this is a game-side issue the devs will at some point fix

    so does that mean that before you have any missions spawn you have to have a total of 50 people (all trained) in each station or 50 total for all stations? I have had those stations up since they were released and no missions yet. By the way....showing my ignorance here but what is TACLET?

    To clarify, (as DragonBlade stated), assuming you have all stations with TACLET-trained personnel under one dispatch centre (or multiple which do not have their own coverage areas), then 50 trained personnel will be enough to spawn the missions requiring them. TACLET is short for "Tactical Law Enforcement Team" and is a term used primarily by the United States Coast Guard. "TACLETs are a United States Coast Guard specialized force that carry out maritime interdiction, security and counter narcotics operations." - Quote from

    This is 365 days old, actually a lot older, but I kind of agree with this, maybe even add bike patrols… not motorcycles, mounted patrol (horses) as well. My city has areas that would need bikes, we have an island that is no vehicles besides one fire station with a couple apparatus and an ambulance or two, police has maybe one car for prison transport if needed but use bikes for patrols and when state police come over they bring there bikes. NYC even has mounted patrol so wouldn’t be to bad of an idea especially since people want to make this game realistic to the max level, which I support.

    Firstly, UK Forum post - as you mentioned on another post it can be confusing but please double-check before adding a comment. (FYI, UK has mounted Police at the moment).

    Secondly, I've noticed quite a few older threads which you've "bumped" meaning replied to which cause them to show up for everyone again. Generally speaking, bumping old threads (6 months+) isn't good practice and can cause frustration on the forum. Since you've identified that this thread is old, I'm assuming that you didn't realise the etiquette of not bumping older threads was a thing. Please try to avoid this in the future if you can?

    Lastly, I do like the idea of foot / cycle patrols in-game, but I don't see a way for the devs to introduce it code-wise and I struggle to see it being massively helpful gameplay wise.

    I've just seen the Dev Update on Facebook which I presume this thread is related to. For me, I think in the majority of cases this would lead to a less realistic game, rather than a more realistic game. Realism-wise, you do not have emergencies occurring nearby to the station which will usually deal with them. Exceptions of course include CNC & Airport FRS.

    But I can see how potentially this feature could be adapted to allow for stations to be classed as "Urban", "Suburban" and "Rural", thus limiting missions which spawn to those climates. For example, large field fires spawning in city centres, or gun pulled in nightclub spawning in forests and farmland are things which could be avoided, and because I use POIs which anyone has placed, quite often I find them to be wildly inaccurate and the use of this feature to limit certain categories of missions from spawning in the radius of stations in the wrong area would be very handy.

    I'd love to know whether the new mission radius location option that is now available with the US Coastguard Expansion could be ported to all UK stations for added realism etc? Would be super handy to use for rural stations and overlapping coverage etc.

    you have it for each one of your apparatus

    Again, I think the point of the thread is to suggest / request a feature that allows a time range to be chosen, so for example, currently you can set units to delay up to 300 seconds (5mins) so for example, you could set one to be dispatched in 60 seconds, one in 65 seconds etc if you wanted to space them out, but what I believe is being suggested is the ability to designate a time range, for example 60-120 seconds, and then the unit is dispatched at a random time between 60-120 seconds. Thus, a greater sense of realism can be achieved by the player suggesting it and anyone else who is interested in such a feature.