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    I don't know if this will help (or whether or not you're aware of it) but you can force an ambulance to not transport a patient which will clear the call. I do this if the hospital is at or close to capacity.

    I'm not saying give any boat missions to the storm. I don't have any boats so I wouldn't want that. The small flooding doesn't need any boats which is why I suggested it. Just like in Birmingham last week, a big storm led to flooding.

    I've just had my first small flooding call and had a thought. I think it would suit the storm event quite well and would provide something fresh into a feature that has been here for a while. I'm not sure if it's possible to add calls to the existing selection but it would be a refreshing change if it's possible.

    I've gone the realistic route from day 1. I find it a bit more enjoyable personally as it creates a little bit of a challenge working out what station will be of most use to me next.

    Around this time last year I posted my stations from the UK. I've since moved on and I'm focused solely on Melbourne now which I'm really enjoying - it's nice to start fresh sometimes. Crossed the boundary for cheap fire stations today with the addition of one of two fire stations at Melbourne Airport. Might expand out to Essendon (where 6 air ambulances are based) when I expand into the ambulance sector.

    [Blocked Image:]

    This would be great specifically for airports to expand the fleet and I'd really like it for when I eventually expand out and branch towards ARFF - s lot of new Rosenbauer Panthers come with them. I would expect it would still fall under the single ARFF vehicle though. As a domestic appliance I've seen only a small handful of them so far. I expect the answer you'll get is to use a Quint but differentiate it by a different graphic and name.

    I think the simplest way would be for the game to automatically sort vehicles by name, rather than by vehicle purchase order.

    Apologies if this may have been suggested before as I haven't been able to find it during a brief search.

    On the mission window, there are the four options to toggle visibility of certain classifications of events (eg. alliance missions, planned events etc.) It would be helpful if, when you disable a category, it would remove them from the map too. I mainly dislike smoke detector checks so I hide them from the call missions but they still appear on the map and clog it up unnecessarily. You could also use it for hiding event calls if they're nearby but you do not wish to respond to them. I believe this suggestion is better than allowing players to disable specific missions completely which has been discussed in the past.

    Example (just in case my wording was off): the "planned appearance" box is disabled but the missions still show on the map.
    [Blocked Image:]

    From what I've seen, I think that Sebastian is aiming the game more at US players, which is why it is set in EST (-05:00) which is basically East coast time. It would be nice to change the time zone though.

    The reality is that it's not just American players who are on here. Even if it were, there are several American timezones. I'd love for all times to be local (PC time) rather than EST.

    This seems like a tremendous waste of money. Additionally, not all hospitals need helipads as some often use playing fields or the like nearby and do the last mile or two by land ambulance.

    It's not a great idea plagiarising images and then publishing them for people to use. Of course if you have permission to use them then that's fine but I don't want people thinking some of these images are your own work if they're not (referencing your latest PSU and PDU units).

    I can't answer the first question for sure but I know that sending more units to calls will make it clear quicker. With building collapses, I send all the available units then dispatch an additional type 2 fire engine to the scene to arrive shortly after the final required unit. This'll save some time on clearing the call. The more you send, the quicker the call will clear.

    How is that possible then? Interesting..
    Well i am sorry then - one guy made it somehow.

    I assume they can have 1,000 fire stations, 1,000 ambulance stations and 1,000 police stations (plus hospitals and the like). 1,103 isn't just fire stations, it's everything combined.