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    Kind of going along with your idea, When you hire Personnel, it would be nice to select a specific type of personnel (i.e. police, firefighting, EMS) And if you wanted to, lets say, move a firefighter to a pd station, You would have to send him off to training fr like 6 days or something, while not being able to access him. @KieranWood Although in my alliance, pepole are pretty spread out, Combined wth the fact that the US is very big (No offense EU Players) and it would take at least 5 hrs for my ff's to get to the nearest academy.

    I have encountered multiple errors when it comes to treating patients.
    1) If a non-EMS unit (ie Engine, Patrol Car) is treating a patient and a Fly-Car shows up, the Fly-Car will not start treating the patient. I have encountered this on both PC and mobile (Windows 10 Home and Chrome & IOS, V. 2.0.3 of MC)
    2) If a Fly-Car leaves the scene with no one else there and the patient not to full health (as much as the Fly-Car can do), it will keep treating the patient until it can't treat the patient anymore. I ran into this one on IOS (V. 2.0.3 of MC)

    Thanks for your help

    I know that multiple questions have come up about people not being able to dispatch a unit because they do not have any personnel available. If possible, I'd like to see a message that pops up when people do this. The only sign that I have found is if you click the "Dispatch and Next" button when dispatching a unit w/out any staff it will not go to the next call. Thanks for your consideration.

    @tvfr2 Alarm and response guidelines are basically customized 'hotline' buttons that you can use to select certain units to respond to a call. As for what you were talking about, the countdown, MissionChief starts the countdown when the first unit gets on scene. If more units are required, it will show what unit(s) and how many. If you leave it for long enough, the countdown will stop at a certain point until additional units (only those required to finish the call) arrive on scene. So theoretically, there is no way to have the countdown bar wait until all units are on scene unless (a) there is only one unit req'd and responding or (b) all units req'd and responding are either from the same Stn. or take the same time to respond. Hope this answered your question.

    I use LSSM on Google Chrome and have the transport request notification turned on. Even though I have alliance radio turned off, I get notifications from Alliance ambos. It would be nice to implement something that would either automatically turn alliance ambo notification off, or an additional setting to do so.

    Also, It would be nice to have a detailed description of what all the options ("apps") do, either in-game or here on the forum page.


    Probably 100k or below, since standard hospital is 200. Think 5k per patient would be a good cost. What would be done about expansion areas? Would there be a certain amount of spaces for a single type (with a limit of total spaces), set by the player in the beginning; would it be all one type (set by player); or something else? Also, could this be created by an alliance?

    Perhaps say that an advancement from Carbon Monoxide Alarm would be a type of mission where a unknown amount of people have been unlucky enough to have been breathing this in, so maybe ambulances and police & possibly heavy rescue ?

    Not heavy rescue, the house isn't falling down because of carbon monoxide. Also in terms of missionchief, police probably wouldn't be required. Probably an engine, though