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    Awesome Idea! I was thinking about something like this being implemented in the game the other day. It would be nice to see in the game and could work a bit like transferring staff members to a different station. I don't work in Emergency services but I'm sure staff may get moved around to different locations now and then, so that would make the game more realistic.

    As Drew said. Collecting Easter eggs goes towards the Easter egg achievement which you can find on the Awards page. They are there just for the Easter season... To celebrate it. The eggs have no value, it's just something to collect for the Easter eggs finder badge.

    You will hear a Door bell if a person needs to be transported to hospital/prison OR one of your missions expands, for example if you have a mission that says Tree on the road and that changes to Road accident you will hear a door bell to let you know that the mission has changed.

    All stations that have been built by you are yours, so when you leave an alliance, you keep them. The only buildings that disappear when you leave an alliance are buildings that have been purchased by other alliance members and buildings that have been purchased with the alliance fund.

    As part of the emergency services you can also request lifeguards, so I'm wondering weather being able to create lifeguard stations and being able to have missions that take place in the sea would be a good idea? I am stationed near the sea, I think it would be another way to make the game even more realistic.

    Mission ideas:

    -Sinking ship
    -Drowning person
    -Stranded ship
    -Plan crash in the sea

    What are your thoughts on this idea?


    So I recently started playing this game and I have few question about Fly-cars, what are they, what are the benefits of using a fly-car over an ambulance, and can a fly-car treat patients like an ambulance would? :S