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    For getting more players, I would suggest advertising on reddit specifically to the emergency services subreddits. I suggested it to Sebastian a while ago, and when I looked into it, it was pretty cheap.

    In my county, there's two dispatch protocols for an outside fire. We don't get many wildfires. The initial dispatch for an outside fire is normally one station. However, if the dispatcher understands that the outside fire is near a building, the call gets upgraded to an outside fire threatening a structure. This call automatically gets all the stations that would be first due to a structure fire at that location.

    This gave me an idea, and I'll be calling it "Evolving Calls" for now.

    Certain calls would have a minimum number of units necessary. You can dispatch the minimum and have a chance at completing the mission with that. However, there would be a chance that the minimum simply isn't enough to complete the mission and it "evolves" into a more serious incident. For example, you send the normal two engines to a little field fire, but it's not enough and it evolves into a "forest fire" which has a minimum of 4 engines. That might not be enough and it evolves into a "large wildfire" which requires a whole bunch more.

    Alternatively, or maybe additionally, calls that are ignored for too long become more serious. Something might start out as an "oven fire," but you're not at your computer and it turns into a "kitchen fire" after 10(?) minutes. You come back and take care of some other missions first, but 20(?) minutes pass and you still haven't touched it, so it becomes a full "structure fire." Of course, each of these missions need more and more resources.

    For the record, I know that we're not getting new additions until Christmas because of the redesign, but I thought I should get this idea out there while it's fresh in my mind.