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    Some things you can find here from the former developer






    "credits_user_current": 2003964, //your current credits
    "credits_user_total": 58076272, //your total earned credits
    "credits_alliance_current": 5389447, //how much is in the Alliance Funds
    "credits_alliance_total": 694664446, // How much the alliance has earned together so far
    "credits_alliance_active": true //Alliance Funds on or off


    "credits_total": 694664446,// How much the alliance has earned together so far
    "credits_current": 5389447, //how much is in the Alliance Funds
    "user_count": 43, //Member count
    "user_online_count": 1, //members online
    "rank": 5, //rank in the alliance list
    "finance_active": true //alliance fund on or off :)

    I hope I could help you a little with that :)

    Quote from Devs from the Game

    yes that's right

    most of the money there comes from the patients

    I've asked the developers why there are so little credits for the missions. That was the above answer.

    Especially for Large and Major I find it too little because of the requirements.

    Portugal is available again at Have fun . Probably there will be a statement on the Facebook page. but I'm not sure

    Edit: From Facebook Page:


    Dear Operador112-Community,
    due to an unforeseen problem regarding our domain we now have to use a new official website. You can temporarily play the game via If you were playing on mobile without registering your account, please wait for an update to the game. If you are already registered, simply reinstall the app. If you encounter problems with logging in, do not hesitate to contact us.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience and wish you an otherwise great start to the week!
    Your Operador112-Team

    Since December 13, the bottom of the footer in the game is a Strange numbers and letters row.
    According to the developer console, this is a client ID. I reported it to our contact person the same day, but so far nothing has happened there, so I'm going this way now.

    I am surprised that no one else has reported it here yet or that it is simply accepted.

    In the attachment is a screenshot what is meant.

    Seit dem 13 Dezember, ist unten im Footer im Spiel eine Komische Zahl und Buchstaben Reihe.
    Laut der Entwicklerkonsole handelt es sich um eine Client-ID. Ich habe es schon am gleichen Tag zu unserem Ansprechpartner reportet, aber bis dato ist dort nix passiert, weshalb ich jetzt diesen Weg gehe.

    Mich wundert, das es noch kein anderer hier gemeldet hat oder es einfach hingenommen wird.

    Im Anhang ist ein Screenshot was gemeint ist.

    By the way, it is only in the UK version, so you can find it here in the bug forum

    Es ist übrigens nur in der UK Version, daher steht es hier auch im Fehlerforum


    I may announce that we are ready for the 2 new versions.
    It may take a few hours until you can use it there.
    Just download the "Installations" file again.…aw/master/lssm-v3.user.js

    As you should have noticed if you also look into the footer (below where is toplist, possible missions etc.), there are 2 new games of @XYRALITY . The Spanish and Australian version. And we are ready for it since a few minutes.

    Hallo, bitte wundert euch nicht, dass im Laufe der nächsten 24-48 Stunden die LS-Heatmap bei euch deaktiviert wird. Wir haben sie erstmal rausgenommen, da sie Fehler enthält.
    Hello, please don't be surprised that during the next 24-48 hours the LS-Heatmap will be deactivated. We took it out first because it contains bugs.

    Und wir haben die AAO-Suche wieder hinzugefügt aufgrund von mehreren Nachfragen.
    And we have added the AAO search again due to several requests.

    Sebastian war die letzten Tage im Urlaub. Daher kam bei keinem der Spiele ein Update
    Sebastian's been on vacation the last few days. Therefore there was no update for any of the games.

    Speaking of Easter... At what date will the eggs stop appearing in game? :)

    Aller Voraussicht nach morgen. Die Ostereinsätze enden heute Abend um 23:59 Deutscher Zeit

    Most likely tomorrow. The Easter missions will end tonight at 23:59 German time.

    Hello there and good day to you.
    We have a "little" news for you.
    We have now reached version 3.3.5 :) A lot has changed with us.
    Also for the asking ones. YES it actually works again everything :D.
    Here so the listing after version (one was skipped)

    b]Please note that it can take up to 24 hours until you get the version.[/b]

    And now have fun and have fun.

    Hallöchen und guten Tag zusammen.
    Wir haben euch eine "kleine" Neuigkeit.
    Wir haben nun die Version 3.3.5 erreicht :) Da ist einiges geändert worden bei uns.
    Auch für die fragenden. JA es funktioniert eigentlich wieder alles :D.
    Hier so die Auflistung nach Version (eine wurde übersprungen)

    Bitte beachtet, das es bis zu 24 Stunden dauern kann, bis ihr die Version bekommt.

    Und nun viel Spaß und Have fun .

    We also want to give you a "little" Santa Claus present.

    Version 3.3.0
    Yeah, you're listening right. There is now a new version for everyone.

    The beta users of our site had now had a few months to find out the most important bugs and report them to us.
    This is what they did. We were able to fixx some things.

    In the same breath, of course, there are also some new add-ons that our developers have made either alone or together.

    The release notes can be found in the spoiler:

    Have fun with this:)

    Image is released from Pixabay and for free use.

    P. S. : Many thanks a lot we are soon 3000 people. You are crazy
    : D