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    Name/Type of Mission: Prison/Prisoner Escape

    Units Required: 6 x IRV 2x DSU 1 x Police Helicopter

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Prison

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 1-4

    Credit Reward: 5000 (guess work)

    thats one thing what could be looked at in a future update is an all in one station. but limit these building to say 1in every 25 bulidings could be made a tri service like dispatch bulidings. otherwise it would be very abused. i know this isnt always pratical with coding etc and the devs outlook on the game. but we can only suggest and pass it on. i would also support the small station to one expansion of either EMS/SWR. and make the ARFF only on large stations.

    I can see were the Devs are coming from and i understand that it could be abused.

    just those with large set ups who took advantage of the 50% event to expand more will now face a more expensive fee to upgrade small to large and then expand to SWR/Ambulance/ARFF as if i had known new units may have been due to be added i wouldnt of expanded like i did and would of placed the large stations in advance.

    in a sence im lucky that within the 1st 25 stations its only 50K to upgrade but as i reach my most added it will be over 700K and then added price of extension and units..

    could they look at limiting how many small stations could have extensions. or adjusting the price of the extension/units when built onto a small station. as i said i dont want to build all 3 extensions just the 1

    It may have been mentioned before but i cant find it, could the Small Fire station allow one building expansion eg ambulance/swift water/Airport fire. this way its not going to cost everyone loads to expand and add these. you could limit this to ONE expansion only.

    alsoadding this here to remove it from unit suggestion page.

    I know this is not a Unit but a building suggestion,

    yes i know i could just place a staging area but they only last 24 hrs. and place them on patrols but this is not always viable,

    Parking area/holding area.. name it what you like

    its has no building and the max it can hold is two units, only for
    Police and Ambulance not fire. there is no expansions. this is just a
    parking area for those places were there is no poilce station/ambulance

    cost between 2500-5000 depending on what the devs feel like.

    just a out loud thought thats all guys.

    again these are not my graphics these have been collected off these forums


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    these are not mine, these are what i have collected off these forums.


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