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    if you have PD and EMS on your dispatch centre this will generate them. If you have over 25 stations add another DC and place your PD/EMS on to that one so its separate from fire service. This may help drive down the major calls.

    if I remember correctly this has been mentioned before. And I dont think alot can be done due to the maps the game uses dictates the speed. If I am wrong I'll stand corrected.

    hi all not sure if this is a bug or not,

    I have been receiving calls what require ambulance and police outside of areas where police and ambulance stations are built.

    For example i have a police station based in Darwen, and a call in liverpool requires police cars.

    I have ambulances stationed in preston and a call in blackpool requires them.

    I will note the ambulances stations and fire are under one dispatch and police are under separate dispatch(due to forever getting unknown tanker calls)

    Is this something in my settings or is it game wide. As normally I dont receive calls requiring these units until I have built them locally.


    When using ARR's and there isnt another Fire Officer it says Battalion Officer not available. i have messaged this to the ingame chat in FAQs

    also comes up with Firetrucks not available heavy rescue and platform. so this would need changing ( now reported to dev team)

    Im adding all these to my list

    The EMS rescue will probably be brought over, maybe with some other features just as a temporary measure and it probably will be the base on which to form HART. HART is definitely i want to see added, we would have to work out a system for HART to be properly utilised. Maybe patients could have a chance of needing HART so once the ambulance arrives on scene they can request HART for that patient. Ambulance Officer probably wont require training, not because of a realism point but for the same reason that the Fire Officer doesn't require training etc

    also if HART was added would be an extention on to the Ambulance Station or a dedicated building on it own. or could be just be one of those standard unit to buy but with training. like the fire service.

    also guys just thinking out loud here on this one. how about a mounted branch for the police service?

    I apologise for bumping the post. But since we have now moved into the UK section I wanted to highlight this post again. If anyone has any ideas for units. Please feel free to add below. Thanks

    what ever you do dont click delete. I made that mistake and had todo hours of adding them again. Hopefully there will be away. But on the uk version they have edited some of the calls.

    Just a update i know its not a unit. But maybe the dev team could look into how cost increase's on stations are worked out . this is so people can plan ahead and save etc etc

    I'll edit this aswell now for what I'd like to see added into game.

    1, I'd like to see a dedicated airport fire station rather then a add on to a normal one.

    2, additional slots at air ambulance/police aviation so that we can have 2 based there and one vehicle slot at air ambulance for a rrv.

    3, dedicated HART/mountain/coastguard rescue services. (As above just a supplement station were it spawns no calls and there not 100% required on calls, but could finish the call quicker if they attended.)

    4,USAR stations an addition to a fire station but only aloud a max of say 2(as above)

    5, rescue engine/quint(carp) to become a reward unit for reaching certain rank.(as above)

    If anyone would like to expand please do.


    hi all, i have just seen the update the devs have put out regarding this link

    this is for the FAQ section of their website and for the MC game.

    does this mean that they are not going to use this forum anymore or will this shut this down.

    it would be nice if we had a update from the new dev team to say that they are using this forum for update ideas etc etc. can anyone of the mod team shine anylight on if the devs are communicating with there players.


    agreed on the call editing and changes.

    Some features I would like to see added is the USAR teams and HART teams. There is also the option to add mountain rescue teams.

    Yes granted we can build and edit units so they respond like the above but I feel it would be better to add them as a whole unit rather then a name change.

    EMAS Logo done
    Lancs Fire & NWAS Joint done
    about the training unfortunately cant find a logo that would be used for it but if you need anything please do reply and ill respond soon

    thanks for the icon. If I can find a picture for something I'll post it up.

    Thanks again.

    please could i get one for Lancs fire and Northwest ambulance joint like you have done with the GMFRS. and also a dedicate Lancs fire training school. there is really no rush for these. thanks