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    It would be nice if you could set close, medium, or far mission spawning for individual dispatch centers. I know for my Yosemite build I would prefer missions to spawn farther apart and farther from my stations. And in NY or San Jose I would want the close range which would be what the game is currently set at. The far setting would be closer to the anti-cheat call spawner. It’s your choice what you want it to be at and anyone can use this feature. :)

    to be honest it be nice if individual stations could work like this.

    i have some stations that have a pretty big coverage area.. while others are no more than a 2 square miles long.

    what about either a hazmat vehicle with the ability to act as a heavy rescue when hazmats not needed? Or make thr current hazmat have thr ability to act as a heavy rescue?

    For the "Little field fire", "Large field fire", "brush pile", and "little wildfire" missions (and others), only the type 3 (or another firetruck) will count, because those missions existed before the wildland update.

    In the mission details it will say "Required Wildland fire engines: (number)" for missions where the types 3-7 are needed.

    thank you !

    I believe what he is trying to say. Is set the call speed per station. Example an FDNY station call volume set higher then podunkville middle of no where everyone related to everyone town population 100. Who in real life said city goes out 5 times a year.

    Yes exactly what I'm trying to say

    i know you can adjust over all call speeds in the menu, but what about having the ability to set call speed per station? Like for example. In high residential areas you Could up the call speed versus say in the farm land you could set it for a more slower speed

    If this Sounds stupid then i appologize

    Eastern emergency services is currently accepting applications ! We have stations ranging from all over new york, running down into the PA/NY border as well as various stations in canada, texas, hawaii and looking to expand to other states and countries !

    if you think you got what it takes, and are looking for a friendly fun environment this is the place for you ! :) hope to see you there!

    So i have been out of the game awhile and recently got back into it. the forestry expansion the engines and such in the forestry addition, can they count as an Engine?

    for example, if i get a residential fire and need X5 engines and the forestry engine I have out is the only one available will it count toward meeting the mission goal?

    I apologize well in advance if this is the wrong place to ask this. I also am sorry if its hard to understand , what i am trying to ask.

    Here is a list of new buildings that would benefit the game i think

    Apartment complex ( maybe small, medium and large)
    - calls that it could provide some are in the game currently
    1- overdoses
    2- alarm activation
    fire in the apartment ( small-medium, large ) etc
    3- status check/welfare check

    some other POIS to consider
    Seaplane base

    Totally agree - its not very realistci to have large RTC's on small residential roads...

    Exactly and the area im playing in has a couple different majore highways, and a really busy thruway with only a couple exit and entrance points.. so it general it be cool to get more "mva" related alarms on them