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    I have done at least 25 of the Christmas event missions over the last few days. I know this because I've been playing a lot lately and I see the Santa icon next to the mission, indicating that it is a Christmas mission.

    However, In the tasks and events screen, it says I only have 3/X Christmas event tasks done and cannot claim the coin reward as a result. This needs to be fixed.

    Absolutely. Communications with mods is good. Basically no communication with the devs themselves. I understand there is a language barrier but if they could at least read the forums and look at our suggestions and complaints it would be nice. I would like to have more information about planned content and where the game is going.

    As for in-game, patient release from hospitals needs to be reworked. There has been lots of complaints regarding this. Also ambulances bringing patients to urgent care centers is very unrealistic in the United States. It just doesn't happen. It would also be nice if it were slightly easier to expand. Meaning, stations are less expensive and station expansions take less time. I get there needs to be balance to make the game harder but 1.2 million credits for a large stations is a lot, not including expansions or forestry.

    Giving us the ability to create our own missions and add them to the mission pool has been suggested many times in the past. It would make sense to use an algorithm similar to that of the large scale alliance missions to determine credit payout for the mission. With this, players can create missions tailored to their locations. I understand this is highly unlikely to be implemented though.

    More weather related events would be cool. It would be interesting if storms (similar to that of the large-scale alliance events) could spawn randomly in game and generate several missions related to that weather event in that area. I will use wildfires to give an example since there's a good bit of content in game for this already. A wildfire (small, medium, large, major) could spawn in an area designated as wildfire-susceptible. Within this mission area, field fires, residential fires, brush fires, ect. missions would spawn at a rate relative to the size of the mission area. This system can be implemented with other weather events such as hurricanes. For example, lots of flooding missions, medical aid missions, search missions, ect. Tornadoes and blizzards could be added as well but there's really no infrastructure in-game for snow-related missions. Obviously for this event system to work there would need to be a way to designate what events can occur in your play area. I'm playing in the Northern California Bay-Area so I would designate it as a wildfire zone. Tornadoes and hurricanes don't occur here.

    Side note, earthquakes should be an event similar to what I explained above. A large earthquake is not just a single instance like it currently is in-game. An earthquake event zone should spawn lots of building collapses, bridge collapses, injured persons, search and rescue, and even police missions. Fires are also a common occurrence in large earthquakes due to ruptured gas or fuel lines in the ground or in buildings.

    All in all, the Mod team is doing a great job communicating with us and listening to us. I feel like there needs to be more of a link between mods and devs.
    I have been playing this game for years and there has been lots done to it. Especially in the past year. There is so much potential in this game, the content just needs to be added.

    Just my 2 cents.

    I was also completely unaware of this. I'd really like the hotkey to dispatch and go to the next mission. Thank you.

    Edit: S does dispatch and go to the next mission. Nice!

    When are the stand-alone forestry stations coming out? My full sized stations cost over 1.2 million credits not including the forestry expansion...

    You should be able to press enter to dispatch the units selected for a call. It would be so much easier if I could just hit enter after selecting an AAR to dispatch instead of having to move my mouse to the dispatch button. Just a small quality of life improvement that would make a difference to me.

    The game needs audio controls. I'd like to hear the sound of new missions, but nothing else. Also, it is way too loud. No matter how much I turn the PC volume down it is still too loud.

    I do not want to hear the sound of units being dispatched. I only want to hear new mission and transport request sounds. The ability to change the volume on these sounds is required.

    I used to have many POIs in my area. now suddenly they are all gone. When I try to set a new POI and hit save, it says it is saved. Yet it does not actually show up. See the screenshots below.

    This is when I save the POI
    [Blocked Image:]

    This is after the POI is saved and I open the window for POIs. As you can see, its not there.

    [Blocked Image:]

    I've tried re-logging, restarting my browser, and clearing my browser cache and cookies.

    I am using Google Chrome by the way.

    If this has been brought up many times, that probably means this is something that many players are concerned about. Perhaps this is something the devs should listen to.

    Any Updates? I know the wildfire update is being released in bits. When is the next part supposed to be released? What else is in store for the game? Any word on the possibility of adding our own missions?

    This suggestion is ignored every time its brought up. It is a shame that the devs will not allow us to create the content for ourselves. This wild lands update was rather barebones and took way too long to implement with the little content it added. I like the suggestion of making our own missions. There are absolutely ways that abuse can be prevented. Like having the amount of credits given for a mission be relative to the units that were required and the time the mission takes could also be relative to the amount of units.

    Currently my biggest complaint is the lag and the bug that has been posted elsewhere in the forum where it will say a unit does not have the minimum qualifications, even though it does. You will have to dispatch the unit several times to get it to actually go through. I am guessing this is being caused by the lag.

    As for ongoing complaints, its really the lack of content and updates. They've been working on this brush update since like fall 2019. If this update is not HUGE it will be very disappointing and will certainly make many question what the devs are actually doing. That is why I do not play this game much anymore. There just needs to be more content.

    I have been Having this issue suddenly also. If i Try to dispatch the unit again or refresh it seems to work. Probably has something to do with the absurd lag issues. Shame the devs are basically ignoring this issue. But hey, double credits.

    Most of us want more content. Particularly more missions. Sometimes we get one mission a week. Sometimes. I say, similar to the way you can create a large scale alliance mission, allow us to add our own missions to our mission pool.

    The same algorithm that the alliance mission system uses could be utilized to maintain balance. Make it so we can set what POIs they need, how many units, if it can scale into other missions, ect.

    The devs could effectively let us do the work for them in terms of making missions. Maybe add mission packs, similar to graphic packs. This way we can share different missions we've created with the community.

    There has been a lot of talk of making the game work better for people playing in rural areas. The ability to make our own missions could improve on this a lot. If you're playing in a rural area, you can make missions reasonable for a rural area. If you're in a cold, snowy area, you can make your missions to play out in that climate.

    The devs could take a workload off their hands simply by giving us, the players, the tools to add content for them. It works out; the devs do less work and the players get more content.

    This way, the devs could spent time giving us larger updates like new units, services, and other functions.

    This idea will probably get shot out of the sky but I figured I'd pitch it anyway. ;)