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    Nothing is going to sway his decision until his test run is complete. We just have to be patient. Thanks for understanding.

    does anything ever??? Will do awaiting . Hope you guys bring him around to real world soon. This is a no brainer

    I'm not in love with the way the staging area works. I think that we should be able to delete our staging area when we no longer need it and have the ability to build a new one. For example, I created a staging area for one engine to move to a nearby station pending the completion of a mission. Now, I have returned my engine to its original station but the staging area now sits useless for 23 hours and 50 minutes unless that exact same circumstance occurs again in the next day. Can we please change this? I understand the potential for abuse but the staging area is basically useless if we can only use it once a day. I also think we should get mor Ethan one. Maybe 3, 5, or more? Speaking from experience, when a major incident occurs in the STL Metro Area there are multiple move-ups that occur. I already messaged Gavin about this, but I wanted some feedback from everyone.

    I agree with building multiple areas. I also know we need to be able to cancel these and build new ones at will. I do not see how this can really be abused. A staging area is a staple of fire deployment & dispatch. I could see making it good for 24 hours max if that is even necessary.

    Realistically no you couldn't. But in "a game" when a mistake has been made or say an alliance is joined it could be done. If the amount could be changed to credits instead of coins it could also be alot easier and we would not be having this discussion.

    Ya but like me I made kingdom and played for a couple of weeks then found an alliance to joins and wanted to move, so I moved most of my stations and deleted a few others as I had no coins and no $$ to buy any. I emailed management and asked what could I do about the issue and my reply was to buy coins as if he doesn't receive enough incolme to pay for the servers as it is.

    I was new to the game and did not even know there were people from my stat in an alliance.

    I agree about the abuse but why not do it as approved by a moderator. The member would request the abilty to move stations and provide the mods with which stations, etc etc. It should be on a case by case basis but flexible with a degree of reasonableness.

    I would think this whole call could be replaced with another such as say dumpster/trash fire?

    If we keep it as trees most trucks especially ladders or quints carry saws. Truthfully tree calls are usually public works issues unless they fall on someone.

    What I see is the importance of the missions, this means new poeple from the US will play as it looks interesting.

    What I am not seeing is improvements involving ongoing issues or I should say requests; such as the price issues mentioned with stations, moving stations when just starting out and joining alliances, and anything else that could affect the words COIN or BUY in this program is not touched or ignored.

    I know this is personal between you two, but those of us, who have made suggestions have been told time and time again it has been mentioned or once flat out NO as you saw in my previous past posts. There has never once been anything from the developer done to change these issues or make it more reasonable. Come on 1.3 million for a one bay fire station when the first ones are 100,000????? You can't sit there and say this is not happening. It is these issues that are making many people go away from the game.

    a start?? One right does not correct any wrongs. (Sorry I am not bashing you in any way). Overall the mods have been given 100's of ideas to submit. Costs of station, types of apparatus, and speed of units, are just some examples.
    Yes we got some new missions, but don't ignore other ideas and required fixes.

    When I asked about a grace period for moving stations to those who are new to the game and joining an alliance, I was told that this needs to costs coins. As it
    is very expensive to run the servers for the game. Its not the mods fault, hell they are trying.

    I asked about fixing the helicopters (Speed them up) so they do not go the same speed as an ambulance for $850,000 more. No answer to this request it gets frustrating for all.

    Someone also said the costs are fine... This may be true for somethings when first starting out, but 1.3 million for single bay fire station? when your first several fire stations only cost $100,000. That is a significant jump
    in price and is surely not inflation. Someone once said this was to make us purchase coins, I am starting to believe that person.

    Being able to transfer personnel from one station to the other. It seems crazy that you can't transfer personnel from one station to the other. Especially the ones that I put through classes to get certifications. Some stations are bigger than others which result in having personnel who aren't being used just sitting there when I could use them for my bigger stations. Trying to wait for a person a day through recruitment phase takes too long when I need to fill units with personnel.

    Amen!!!! We have tried oh man have we tried. I agree with you it makes no sense.. I am sure even in Germany they transfer personnel too along with equipment

    I do not understand his thinking. If you build a station on one corner for 100,000 then you decide in say 6 months to build another one it does not cost you triple??? There may be some inflation or land values change but thats it. Thats real life why the cost of more money for the same station?? Like you said we do not gain that much money. I can even see the 300,000 jump but any more than that is crazy. All this is, is a ploy for the owner to get coins from those who play regularly. Always $$$$$$$ anymore with this game.