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    Here is a couple of examples for the large set. Still working on the animation, GIMP will install but will not run. very furstrating, I am not good atthe animation stuff.


    • rsz_mesa_ambulance_1.png
    • rsz_1mesa_ladder_1.png
    • rsz_1mesa_engine_type_2.png
    • rsz_mesa_engine_type_1.png
    • rsz_mesa_rescue_1.png
    • rsz_mesa_air_hems_1.png

    Well I would have to convert/shrink them to the format for the game. I have never used an animate program before so it will be all new.

    Hmm don't speak german :)

    I figured a drawing format vs a photo format would be easier to do since you do not have to delete the background like in a photo

    I thought it could be set for the first 2 weeks of playing while poeple are learning how to play. Two stations f
    or 10 coins? I was trying to move one station and it wanted 10 coins. Thought it would take me thirty to move all three of my stations.

    I understand about the coins now though thanks. I used to run a online bulletin board service BBS 8) once upon a time.

    Is there a way you can have say 24 hour access to move stations once you join an alliance? or could you change the move fee to credits/coins instead of coins only? This will help the new player when they start getting experience and finally do join an alliance.