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    I haven't been able to use this new feature and nothing from what I'm seeing and hearing makes me want to. I doubt any of the developers play the game and have any real life experience of Emergency Services. Building a place like this in real life would cost just near that and I understand the cost as in reality but the limitations on needing of unit spaces and min of 3 depts. and small not being able to have expansions doesn't make sense. a complex would most definitely have more units but that's because there are multiple depts. not the fact that oh we have 2,000 sq ft to fill, lets get more units. People are mad and upset with the roll out of this and I am as well being that it just causes more frustration in use, not implemented/ designed appropriately, and not beneficial for game play and players. Devs please help improve the game to keep and grow the game and interest in playing instead of discouraging no worth additions like this add on of what is being called "complexes".

    i was just making a patrol route and tried to assign it to my BLS ambulance but it doesn't show for option for patrol vehicle. Why leave BLS out of the patrol. BLS ambulances are primary units out and about and first on scenes most times. I would really like to see BLS units added to patrol vehicle option.

    Check to see if you have enough vehicle bays. You need an empty spot for it.
    Send me a pic of the stations apparatus you want it to go to. Not a mod but trying to figure out why it won't let you transfer over.

    (New Post:) Rather than try and transfer, see if you can purchase another EMS Chief at that direct station and see if it let's you.

    I have an open spot in the station and it allows the option to purchase the same vehicle, it just doesn't allow transferring of the vehicle. First pic shows the open / available bay along with the extension bought and active.

    extension has been complete and i have ambulances in said station but it won't allow me the option to transfer to any stations other than ambulance stations nothing listed that has extensions which is odd since it counts as a station.

    I have a EMS chief i want to shift to a fire dept. that has a ambulance extension but it will not allow it only shows and allows shifting to other Ambulance stations. Does anyone know why i can't shift it there but i can buy a new one under the ambulance tab in the stations vehicle menu. Is this a glitch or is this something that we can change as this doesn't make sense why i can buy the same unit but can't transfer said unit to the station. thanks in advance.

    i see they gave the option for clinics and small stations as they don't come with units and the choose of the units level of care is left to the player this shouldn't be hard as its implemented on other buildings within game. Is there any word on if there is progress on this matter? anyone?

    i believe your referring to the MCV not MCU, as these units are both different and perform different tasks. The (MCV) Mobile Command vehicle is for fire depts and can perform command functions on scene, as the (MCU) Mass Casualty Unit is for Ambulance stations/extensions and can treat/transport up to 7 patients.

    you know it would work out if there was a way for players to submit POI's and update them so often to where it goes server wide for players in other alliances that is playing on the map that way if it doesnt exist, the player in that location can enter them in as they go as most of the players at those locations actually live there, so they know where alot of the POI's are.

    there is an option in under settings in your dispatch centers to use only your own POI's if it's not selected it will use others POI's, I'm not sure if it is from your alliance or full server wide thing but there is something like it in effect I believe

    When building a new ambulance station it would be great to have the option like when building a fire station to select which unit you want. For those that like to be realistic like myself I don't want the AlS unit in a station that only has BLS units. Can we please look into making this possible this would be very much appreciated.

    Dont get me wrong its nice to have the feature but in reality the k9 unit would not transport and can not transport with that said i also recommend a transport van or paddy wagon for said just that transports it would help with the new motorcycle unit and and multiple arrest in a call, it would act like the MCU but for the police for transport. most paddy wagons can transport 4 or 5 ppl and that could help with getting patrols back in service, also open up for new mission possibilities.