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    1. Marine Unit/Fire Boat

    Marine Unit to be pulled by selected fire Apparatus to scene.

    Fire Boat stationed at a dock or harbor at some point.

    2. Prison Transport for multiple prisoners

    3. May sound stupid so don't be sarcastic at me but possible advanced fire and ems classes for better response times on scene. Idk just an idk idea.

    4. Police Motorcycles, ehh not so sure but whatever lol

    5. Apparatus refueling, At some point a fire truck, ambo, or police car runs out of gas and needs to refuel eventually so also the idea of placing fuel stations for units.

    If a unit runs out, Well not sure on that part yet I am still thinking. Either tow truck or they head back home or to nearest fuel station. Just a thought.

    6. Fire Tanker Planes or S.E.A.T.'s for overhead fire control say for like hugely wild fires or major fires.

    • Hello again, I have a couple more ideas to throw out there. Before I start, Yes I have considered using a Staging Area or building an EMS Squad at a Hospitals location. But, Why not have the option to extending one or two slots for Ambos? The hospital in my town have two Virtua Health ambulances serving in our town alongside our Fire Department EMS Services.

    Another idea, Letting players use the option to run, "HEAVY". Meaning let a Fire Engine/Truck/Rescue Unit double their seating capacity for a quicker response time to end that call sooner but risk the speed response time for that piece of Fire Apparatus to arrive later due to weight capacity of personnel on board.

    For Example: FDNY Ladder Co. #3 did this responding to the 9/11 attacks. It was during a shift change when both shifts decided to respond together. The ending shift decided to stay and respond with the current shift.…partment_Ladder_Company_3

    And as far as Paramedic Unit, Is that basically what the Fly Car is? Just curious.

    One more idea, Automatic Rig Response? Our Fire/Police/EMS Apparatus responding automatically while offline.

    Wether it be we pay like 5-10K per piece of Apparatus to run automatically or let the Apparatus run automatically and after say like 12-24 hours that piece of equipment has to be OOS for a certain amount of time before it can be placed back into use again.

    Or, Pay 5K for every 12 hours of automatic response to a rig.

    I tried using the Beta Version but it lagged so much on me. I am on the Mobile App when I played and the Beta doesn't seem to work well for me at all. Switched back to regular version. For me it took more time to dispatch my units for calls and the vehicles on the screen didn't move around at all until I went back to the normal version. Could be internet, weather interference, lack of signal, my phone possibly, anything is possible. But that's what I've dealt with using the new Beta Design so far.

    First, I feel the game mods should consider lowering the rank to unlock the Rescue Engine & Quint down from Captain to Lieutenant. It took me forever to make Lieutenant which I finally got promoted today.

    Next, Who feels we should have a Pumper-Tanker for Engine and Tanker use?

    An EMS Engine for both fire calls and medical services/transports?

    Fire boats for realistic water emergencies?

    Next, The game mods should clarify what Apparatus is required when you gain more fire stations. The Wiki site for missionchief and the game itself both say different things for each Apparatus. For instance, The Wiki site says the Heavy Rescue is needed after five stations, the game says it is needed after four stations. Well right now I own five fire stations and a Heavy Rescue is on my fleet and no calls have came up for needing it's use yet. I feel this is a waste of engine bay space and misleading information for players who read that information. What do I need to do? I've tried everything.

    For me I had two fire calls and when my engines responded it stayed listed as arrival. I tried several times and one call finally was worked on but then disappeared along with my rigs. I had to go to my one station to recall them back. Still having this issue. At a standstill right now with not being able to respond to any calls. This was around an hour ago. Maybe longer.