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    Name/Type of Mission: Scrapyard Fire

    Units Required:

    3 Patrol Cars
    3 Heavy Rescue
    10 Engines
    3 Battalion
    2 Platform
    3 Water Tanker
    2 Mobile Air
    1 MCV

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Scrapyard

    Patients: max. 10

    Prisoners: 0

    Name/Type of Mission: Car Workshop Fire

    Units Required:

    8 Engines

    3 Rescues

    2 Battalion Chief

    3 Plataform

    2 Water Tanker

    1 Mobile Air

    1 MCV

    1 Hazmat

    2 Patrol Car

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Car Workshop

    Patients: 0-4

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 7500

    About an half hour ago my game stopped the generation of missions, my vehicles does on a straight line and not in the route and when they arrive is the same if tey weren't there...
    I got a friend having the same issue

    If the game goes on your theory of being super realistic I will not have earned 89M yet because in this zone per day we have 100 EMS, around 10 Wild Fires, 1 or 2 Structural Fires, 3 or 4 car accidents...
    And this not pay almost anyting...

    In and airport in my little country they have Rescue Engine, Heavy Rescue, Chief, Quint, Tanker, MCV and ARFF....
    And it handles around 26 million passengers a year ....
    I think that the airport calls should need the tanker and other units... ALso we could have more calls like Airport Building Colapse..

    I have a lot of days without having one light aircraft crash... and to me is not any prolem in having 6-8 for day ...
    You thinking of the game being realistic you will not have 43 missions at the same time in 400 km2 .... you need to keep in mind that this is a game

    Hi everyone,

    At this moment i'm having an event in my alliance and I have noticed that the Storm Event should have some more missions, like:

    -Transformer fire;
    -Large Field Fire;
    - etc...

    That's not a bad idea at all, I suspect with a new bout of higher end missions, we'll have some more challenge. It feel like 2 missions jump may be a rather large jump, so something more gradual with the number of stations may be better.

    Yes you are right, but i feel bored sometimes because e finish the 35 missions that i have and i need to wait until i get more...
    Maybe as i said count other stations to the mission number would be great!

    Hey everyone,
    As the Fire Stations increase price since the 24th stations, what do you think about since that point every station generate 2 calls instead of 1.


    Count EMS Station, Police Stations, Heli Stations and wtv to generate missions.

    Hello guys, i would like to see a new unit: the fire helicopter/plane. We have already the police and the ems helicopter, i think it would be a nice feature to use in large fires.
    What do you think?

    It's a good idea but we have a problem, in a realistic way we only use helis for wildfires, field fires, brush fires wtv
    So for it work we should have Field Fires and Wildfire having an organization like the Floodings, having the Small (or Little), Medium, Large and Giant...

    Not at all. I stopped making fire and police stations due to price increase. I began only making EMS Stations at Portugal, so many stations that I was pretty much "The Ambulance guy"Idk if your name is Marco (Semas will pick this one up xD) but thw way I build stations it's not cool at all to play with these prices. When that account that you were talking about got banned I was not sad at all since I was pretty much bored of the game. Then I started on a new account which was way more fun, avoided a few mistakes as I already had more experience and it is way more fun to play at this account than the older one, mainly because I have a feeling of progress while in the other one I didn't

    Most of the people that complain about station prices play like that "Marco" aka username12, he have 24 stations and have around 3 or 4 vehicles in everyone... so you can take the conclusion... his income is very low....

    If you are only making a million every 3-4 days then you are doing something wrong for sure...

    You really are doing something wrong, I have 28 stations and i do around half million per day... and at my best day I've done 920k and gaved 137k to my alliance...

    No is the time to give my opinion...

    I agree with the increase of prices of the stations but:

    -The prices should bue more "round"

    -And increase 50k every station since the 24º, because it's a big jump that cause a great impact and demotivate most of the players that I know...

    For now it's all :)

    Hey guys, I'm admin of the portuguese alliance "Bombeiros da Tuga" and we (admins) have a problem, most of our players to the large scale mission send the vehicles when they quit the game and we need to cancel their transports to the vehicles don't get stuck there.
    So after this huge introduction I suggest to have under (or in front) the victim name have the name of the ambulance which is treating the victim, and we could click on the ambu to cancel the transport.