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    Think of a transfer mission as an individual person who got an appointment at a clinic but due to some circumstances they have no chance to get there by themselfes. That could be because they are in a wheelchair etc.

    The transfer is not an emergency situation but more a planned one, requested by the individual that will be shown as the patient.

    => Choosing the destination and having a critical care change doesn't make sense for these types of transfer missions in my eyes.

    However, your ideas do fit for a type of transfer that takes a patient from one clinic to another where time could play an important role (e.g. a patient needs to be transferred to a special clinic).

    Can someone please help me with figuring out why these patient handoff missions won't work? I have tried ambos, HEMS, Coastal Heli, and nothing works. They are piling up and I am forced to just let them time out. I thought this was fixed already, but I guess not. It is only the patient handoff, not prisoner.....

    If you are using LSSM, Turn off the "Vehicles" option in the "Redesign Settings" the error/glitch will go away and your transporting will go back to normal. I had these issues earlier myself. If it persists please contact either myself or one of the other team members.

    Thank you

    As a quick note:

    We are aware of the issue and are working hard on fixing it, however i expect the bugfix not to be ready before Tuesday, due to limited time and the bug being a little more complex to fix.

    We had a similiar kind of discussion on DE Forum recently.

    Currently, the ARRs work really simple: matching vehicles are selected until the specified amount of vehicle(-types) is reached. This is called a Greedy algorithm and is pretty efficient in terms of performance.

    If the ARR should be more optimal (in terms of selecting as few vehicles as possible), that would require some kind of backtracking. That means some additional time is required for each ARR. Depending on the requirements set in each ARR, the amount of vehicles loaded and the order of the vehicles (together with the technical specs and many more reasons), that will add some milliseconds to each ARR, both when calculating the time and when selecting it.

    Imagine you have 40 ARR Entries (which happens pretty fast) and each ARR only adds 25ms of calculation, that would also be a second in total.

    I for myself am happy when sometimes I dispatch too many vehicles because that results in more staff => the mission is completed faster. Also I do have enough vehicles that I don't have to care much about that ;)


    Improving the ARR to achieve the requested requirements with as few vehicles as possible and a vehicle distance as short as possible, would be nice but it may have a pretty worse performance as an impact.

    Please do not use the official Missionchief Icon for anything related to your Roblox-Missionchief without the company allowing it Space !

    It is a copyright infringement and may result in heavy sentences, especially because the company is german where copyright laws are very strict.

    yeah, this unfortunately sometimes happens for some players and we don't know why yet ?(

    Please check the set maximum vehicle distance, it may be set to a low value:

    You can find this setting within the missions window.

    On desktop devices below on the left side, below the list of vehicles on scene.

    On mobile devices at the very bottom of the missions window, below the list of available vehicles.

    Question: For about a week now and I've gotten no transport requests from ambulances, I have been playing this profile for a while now and don't want to lose my progress. Its just weird to me, one day it was working fine and the next it was not requesting transports. I didn't change anything in the settings and kept everything the same, does anyone know how to fix this?

    there has been an update that players with a low amount of rescue stations and without hospitals don't get transport requests anymore.

    Sadly, the communities have not been informed about that change.

    I do know that because the devs wrote it on DE Forum: https://forum.leitstellenspiel…&postID=451393#post451393

    Important information regarding the collection of metadata

    As of version 4.5.10 (for betas already as of now, given that the unofficial update is installed), the version of the installed userscript is also recorded along with the previous metadata.

    This information is already built into our statement about collecting metadata and will also be built into the next release notes.

    Why do we do this?

    In the next updates, there will probably be more updates of the userscript. In order to simplify troubleshooting here, we can then simply see via telemetry whether the update has arrived at a user or not.

    Automatic popup

    Also, LSSM will show a popup if an important userscript update is not yet installed.

    We are aware that this might be annoying, but the popup comes at a maximum of once per release and only for releases where the userscript has been updated.

    Yes, Tampermonkey also informs about userscript updates on its own, but this always takes time and can theoretically be deactivated. However, since LSSM may no longer work without these userscript changes, this popup is quite useful.

    Rejecting metadata

    Of course, metadata can still be deactivated at any time via LSSM settings and metadata already collected can be deleted via a short, informal request to the team.

    Users who do not agree with the extension of metadata collection can uninstall LSSM or deactivate the collection at any time.

    Kind regards

    your LSSM Team

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    So I just reliased unless I'm doing something wrong that Animated Graphic Packs do not work on Apples Map Kit.

    Is this on purpose or a bug.


    This is unfortunately not a bug of the game: Mapkit.js (Apple) simply does not provide the neccessary code to show animated graphics on the mapkit map.

    Liebe LSSM-Nutzer,
    Schon lange wartet ihr auf den Tag, an dem der Startschuss für die V.4 fällt! Wir möchten euch hier eine kleine Roadmap geben, wie das ganze aktuell geplant ist. Leider läuft auch bei uns privat nicht immer alles so wie wir es uns wünschen, deshalb sind wir leider nicht ganz so weit, wie erwartet.
    Dennoch werden wir euch ein Produkt liefern können, auf das wir zumindest stolz sind [Blocked Image: https://forum.leitstellenspiel…smilies/emojione/263a.png]
    Die aktuellen Planungen und Termine:
    **19.09.2020:** Start der Bewerbungsphase für Beta-Tester. Details folgen dann rechtzeitig.
    **24.10.2020:** Beta-Release für angenommene Bewerber.
    **21.11.2020:** Stable-Release für die komplette Community.
    Warum jeweils 1 Monat Zwischenzeit?
    Somit haben wir jeweils die Zeit, noch mehr Features fertigstellen zu können, Fehler bei Übersetzungen etc.

    Die Termine können sich leider jederzeit kurzfristig verschieben, man weiss ja nie, was einem so privat dazwischen kommt.

    An dieser Stelle schon ein sehr großes Dankeschön an Tester und Helfer Ron31 CSA-Verweigerer und das (Co-)Admin-Team des LFV Baden-Württemberg.


    Dear Users of LSSM,
    You've been waiting a long time for some information on LSSM V.4! We're presenting you a quick roadmap today that should give a short overview on what's planned. Unfortunately our private life also did not always fit our plans for development and thus we were not able to be as far as we wanted to.
    Nevertheless we will be able to deliver a product we're proud of [Blocked Image: https://forum.leitstellenspiel…smilies/emojione/263a.png]
    Currently planned dates:
    **19.09.2020:** Start of Application phase for Beta-Users. Details will follow.
    **24.10.2020:** Beta-Release for accepted Beta-Users.
    **21.11.2020:** Stable-Release for complete Community.
    Why always 1 Month of Distance?
    We simply want to have enough time to complete as much as possible as well as finishing translations.

    Dates may change at any time, dependent on what happens in our private lifes!

    At this point a huge thanks to Ron31 CSA-Verweigerer and the (Co-)Admin-Team of my alliance.


    Beste gebruikers van LSSM,

    U hebt lang gewacht op wat informatie over LSSM V.4!
    We presenteren u vandaag een planning welke een kort overzicht geeft van wat er is gepland.
    Helaas paste ook ons privéleven niet altijd bij onze ontwikkelingsplannen en konden we dus niet zo ver komen als we wilden.
    Toch kunnen we een product leveren waar we trots op zijn [Blocked Image: https://forum.leitstellenspiel…smilies/emojione/263a.png]
    Momenteel staan de volgende data gepland:
    ** 19.09.2020: ** Start van sollicitatie voor bèta-gebruikers. Details volgen nog.
    ** 24.10.2020: ** Beta-release voor de geaccepteerde Beta-gebruikers.
    ** 21.11.2020: ** Stabiele release voor volledige community.

    Waarom altijd 1 maand verschil? We willen zeker genoeg tijd hebben om de vertalingen zo goed mogelijk af te ronden.

    Datums kunnen op elk moment veranderen, afhankelijk van wat er in ons privéleven gebeurt!

    Op dit punt een grote dank aan Ron31 CSA-Verweigerer en het (Co-) Admin-Team van mijn Team.

    Are we in Playschool now? What's this doing here? :cursing:
    We all now what´s happened with seasonal inserts :thumbdown:

    Do you mean the little sun there?
    This is LSS-Manager, Module "Eventmission" (I don't know the exact name at the moment).
    Edit: Module name is "Marked Events"