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    HouseSparrow is definitely known across many alliances, especially the Top 10's. He came to our alliance and expected us to pay him, for him to follow our alliance rules. Proceed with caution.

    I for one checked those to thing stated. I only have police ems arff set up in minnesota. I get debris on runway calls in detroit baltimore iowa elizabeth Nj and portland so far. Those are all on different dispatch centers and the box is checked. Confirmed all stations for those cities are on the correct dispatch center

    I have successfully duplicated the same issue in my game as you have and I know for a fact all of my stations and dispatch centers are assigned properly.

    This is a great idea. I agree that it should be an optional setting and have the ability to assign them like graphics for each building. I will keep an eye on this idea.


    Sorry to hear about the unfortunate situation you are experiencing. The best way to go about would be to go directly through the game support page and not the forums. The support page and complaints go directly to the game developers. The moderators in this forum don't have any access to accounts.

    All of these great ideas have been brought up in various ways, the training one seeming to be the most feasible. I am unsure however at this time, if, how or when this idea may be implemented into the game but I am still watching it closely as it is very popular.

    This isn't a bad idea as far as realism, though it'll be interesting to see how the community reacts to this idea here in the forums. I will keep an eye on this.

    SFFD, King American and AMR are the only 911 providers in the city of San Francisco operating ALS units. There are multiple BLS companies in the area that operate as transport services for hospital transfers and such.

    SFFD EMS is based out of Station 49 and Post/Patrol through the city between calls. King American and AMR each have their own respective operations buildings and operate the same. All 3 are dispatched by SF Fire Dispatch

    This is a great idea! I myself have posted it on the forums a few times long ago, as it is usually very well received. I'll keep an eye on how the forums react to this idea.

    Interesting idea, I like the basis. It is definitely a variation of difference across the world. I'd like to keep an eye on this idea and see what else gets brought up with this.

    As much as I love the possibility of there being ALS Wagons. Can you also think about putting medics on Squads and Towers

    This idea has been brought up and widely supported a few times here in the forum. ALS intervention is rapidly becoming a common field in Fire/EMS in the United States, and Paramedics are being seen on every type of apparatus imaginable. Not quite sure what the future of the game will hold for it, but it is on the consideration radar.

    So, I know there have been some updates in the world of Fire and Police lately, but I haven't noticed anything EMS wise. With the COVID crisis going on, in my area I have noticed a strong surge in nursing home type calls. Now my thought is adding a POI for "Nursing Home". This would generate an all different types of EMS calls that already exist and it could open the possibility for Nursing Home Fires (small, medium, large and major). Also, there are a decent amount of areas in the US where EMS cannot transport to an urgent care, but get a significant amount of EMS calls from them. So, a POI could be created for "Urgent Care" which would generate more EMS calls at this location.

    Another thing that could be added with these winter months coming is a "Ski Resort" POI. This could generate traumatic injury type calls for EMS, also rescue type calls such as fall from a ski lift, sledding accident or terrain rescue for the fire side.

    Just some ideas. What does everyone think?

    These are some excellent ideas, a few of which I have thought of myself. Definitely head over to the **NEW** Mission Suggestions to lay out the framework for your POI and mission suggestions.

    The new sheriff units are unable to patrol or transport subjects, both of which are jobs of sheriff's units. Can this be fixed to make them more useable? Thanks

    Hey Rescue, is there a minimum number of crew required? My members are training their rigs to a realistic standard and are having trouble deploying.


    Is the crew cap semi a typo? I'd assume its supposed to say "crew cab" but most dozer semis if not all, are not crew cab's so i'm curious.

    Also, does the dozer trailer include the dozer? Thats the only dozer option I see.